Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday in Moldova

This was such a full day and we all survived it well!!!
Prayers are being answered!! All of the lost luggage arrived intact and we were able to get it this afternoon. Diane did a great job improvising during Gazebo time this morning without her puppets and props - she was quite the actress as she worked with John, James and Phillip as they portrayed the Prodigal Son story with her narration and the help of the translator. Kids enjoyed the enactment of the story. Now that props have arrived we'll be experiencing even better drama with the children.

The day was beautiful but pretty hot. One thing that has a happy/sad consequence is the swimming pool. A storm put junk in the pool - there has been severe flooding in parts of Moldova - and chemicals were added to clear it up. That didn't work so the pool is being emptied - with bucketfuls by children taking turns at baling water. So the pool couldn't be used today and won't be refilled and ready for use for several more days. It is unfortunate that the children can't be swimming during these hot days but that means they can spend more time in our groups and that's a good thing. We came prepared for that and it is very helpful to the teachers who are here supervising the children at this time.

It was a usual first day of camp - a few surprises, some kids not sticking with the group they're supposed to be in, some translators not quite as available as wanted but overall quite smooth and pleasant. We debriefed and will adjust a few things to perhaps gain some turf for tomorrow. We had decided yesterday that we would take shoes to camp this afternoon for distribution. Most of the 80+ children found a pair that fit but 10 or so weren't able to find something. We are planning to address that issue before the week is over in some way. Some of the teachers also found shoes that thrilled them. Thanks to everyone who donated those shoes - some came from as far away as Idaho in order to make this trip. The kids seemed excited about their new shoes and the teachers were very grateful.

We all slept well last night but most need another lengthy night in the sack to feel really adjusted to the time change and work load - not related to age for any of us, however.

Thanks for continued prayers - we're working well as a team, everyone is actively involved, the kids are energetic and lovable, food is terrific, all is well here.

A shower is calling and I'm hoping there's some hot water left for me!!

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