Monday, August 18, 2008

Safely Home in TX

Our return flights were smooth and safe. We left on schedule from Frankfurt, Germany, arrived on schedule in San Antonio, were picked up on schedule there, our luggage arrived with us - a marvelous conclusion to our 2 weeks out of country.

It is now Monday and we're getting caught up at home. This morning I accompanied a friend on a trip to San Antonio for another hearing for her in her lengthy process of applying for Social Security Disability as she has multiple complications from work injury that occurred 6 years ago. She started this process a year ago and still won't have an answer for another several months. She would love to be employed in order to care for herself and her family but her constant pain and muscle weakness prevents her from being able to handle any employment.

We were back in Kerrville by noon so I went to the post office to pick up our mail which was being held during our absence. That is sorted and I'm beginning to process my part of those items. Also have loads of laundry being cycled through.

I am also downloading pictures - so fun to relive highlights of our trip and travel. Here's our team on the last day of camp - our smiles and our "banner" speak from our hearts.

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