Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday in Moldova - Last day at camp!!!

None of us can believe that our week at the camp has come to a close. We are all very grateful for many things:
~ Magnificent weather
~ Great health for all of us with the exception of an upset stomach each morning for one
~ Safety on the many trips back and forth to the camp and other places
~ Wonderful food
~ Bountiful supply of materials and items to give away
~ Sweet relationship between our team members
~ Fabulous support from translators and CERI employees
~ Loving, rewarding and meaningful relationships with many children and adults who give them care
~ And of course, opportunities to share Biblical truth with many

Everyone was happy to see us this morning at camp after not having been there for a day. The day went quite smoothly. My adult gals joined me again for our class and after our Bible Study, I gave them some gifts. One thing was a watch. We had brought watches for our translators and hoped that we had enough for the adults at camp. The number of attendees fluctuates but today I had 7 gals and 7 watches!!! They really appreciated everything they received. We had enough windbreaker jackets to give each of them one as well. They immediately tried them on and I got some pictures. (Maybe I’ll be able to add photos after I return to the states – very slow computer here.) Ludmila politely told me that she never receives gifts from anyone except when our team comes and she really appreciates what we had for her. Everyone expressed gratitude over and over.

I was met as soon as I arrived by Maria who was smiling and giddy and very anxious to tell me some exciting news. She was a first time grandmother! Her son had called during the night to tell her of the birth of this baby. At our first meeting on Sunday, she had told me that she was going to become a grandmother any day. She was very happy that it happened before I left so that I could receive this news. This son and his family live in Spain so she doesn’t expect to see this baby until next summer.

We were able to get some team photos this afternoon and then had a volleyball game between the Americans and Moldovans. We stopped the game at 5:30pm tied 15-15 in order to start our final gazebo time. It was difficult for some to walk away from the exciting game but we decided it was the best thing to do. The kids shared this evening – songs, memorized verses, skits and 2 brothers shared an accordian playing/singing duet. They are very good. Their father played the accordian on the street and for events and taught his sons. He is now deceased and the boys are at the orphanage.

We had adequate time to give each child the gift bag we’d prepared and to say “Good-bye” with lots of hugs and some tears. The whole camp walked us to the vans, holding our hands and bumping into everyone else trying to get all the attention and contact possible. But the moment to drive away arrived and we left feeling elated and exhausted.

This evening we ate at the Irish Pub – our evening to hear from Connie about the present direction of CERI and to hear the testimonies of 2 gals who have come through the CERI children’s sponsorship programs. It is very touching and encouraging to see how God has been at work in the lives of precious children.

We will go to Calarasi for church tomorrow morning. Mark Clemons will preach. We will go to McDonald’s for lunch and then to the outdoor market for shopping. Following that, we’ll drive to the grounds of the Internat 2 orphanage to let new people see that property. Then it will be back to the Team House to pack! We will leave for the airport at 2:45am on Mon. am. This week has flown by and been a wonderful experience for all of us.

Others are waiting for the computer so I will sign off – 11pm.

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