Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday in Moldova - Last day here!!!

In just a few hours our vans will arrive to take us to the airport for our 4:45am flight to Frankfurt and for most of the team back to the US.

We have packed much into this day and we are packed for departure.

Morning worship in Calarasi - one hrs drive north.
Mark Clemons shared the sermon from I John 2 - LOVE ALL - Especially the brethern.
After a 90 minute service, folks were invited to join a baptismal service at a nearby campground. We decided to join the group that went there. It was a very nice camp. The person being baptized will be married next Sunday to the daughter of the camp owners. The camp swimming pool was the site of the baptism. Following that service, the bride's parents put out lots of food for all that were there. We were invited to stay and we did. Our Moldovan support team told us it would be considered very rude not to stay since we were specifically invited. The food was plentiful and delicious - traditional items. As we were preparing to leave, I spoke with the host wife. She told me that she was so happy that we stayed and ate as they would have had too much food left over if we hadn't. She said that she felt God told her to prepare extra for the occasion and she didn't know why until our 2 van loads appeared.

From there we went to the Outdoor Market to do some souvenir shopping.
Our translators were with us all day. (Photo shows Ina and myself at the outdoor market.)
Then we drove around the grounds of the orphanage where the children stay from Sept. 1-May 31 but we weren't able to get into the buildings.

It was back to the team house after that to spend some final moments with our translator friends to give them a gift, exchange addresses and appreciation. That concluded about 5:30pm, supper at 6, debriefing for awhile since it's the last time we will all be together for that opportunity. Then to finish packing, straighten stuff being left behind etc.

Everyone is tucked in for a few hours of sleep.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep them going as we travel. John and I have booked a rental car in Frankfurt in order to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary which is Wed. the 20th. We will enjoy a few days in Europe and return to the states on Sat. Don't know if Blog updates will be possible or not. Will connect upon return to the states for sure.

We've been blessed and hope we can return again and again...

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