Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday plus first trip to camp!

It is 11:35pm and I need some sleep but also want to communicate about some of the events of today. Weather has been beautiful - sunny and quite warm. Church was all in Romanian until a greeting to our team at the end of the service in English to express appreciation for our presence. The 2 hrs flowed smoothly through singing, prayer, sermon and communion and though we didn't understand much, we knew we were with people who take seriously their faith and their privilege of intercessory prayer. There is a significant portion of the service devoted to prayer and people come forward with slips of paper containing prayer requests and give those to one of the pastors on the platform.
We had pizza at a restaurant for lunch, ordered pizza to be delivered t0 the camp at 7:00pm, made a quick swing through an out-door market though we didn't yet have money changed so couldn't buy anything and then returned to the team house to unpack our supplies, organize and prepare for our first trip to camp. Several team members shopped for lunch supplies and got money changed. We had a brief prayer/share time before heading to camp.

There are fewer children at the camp this week but we still had a significant time seeing some familiar faces and finding a number of new children this year. One translator canceled without notifying anyone so we had a few moments of frustration until Boris, our van driver, stepped in to help me with the adult teachers.

It was very special for me to find that Svetlana, a teacher I connected with in 2005 has returned to camp for the first time since then. And there was Maria who was special 2 years ago and now is back. I had also gotten to know several other teachers a couple years ago - Ludmila, 2 more Maria's and also the director who has been here each year, Galina. Along with these gals there are several student teachers who speak and understand some English. It was fun to see each of these gals.

We have not heard from our "Lost Luggage" so that's our first prayer request tonight. Diane will be going to Plan B or C as she prepares for Gazebo times tomorrow without the props in those boxes.

Request 2: Adequate translators to cover our groups.
Request 3: Good sleep tonight for everyone.
Request 4: Participation by all children at the camp.

We feel your prayers but want to ask your continued covering.
Monday will be a full day with the children and the teachers staying with them this month.
The teachers are pleased to hear that we have shoes and clothing for the children with us. They told us that some of the children have no shoes so they'd like us to bring shoes to the camp tomorrow afternoon to distribute to the children. This will be a blessed time as we provide for this need from the wealth of donations we have with us.

Praise: Gratitude for all the supplies we have to share.


Allen said...

Linda and group,
Thank you so much for setting up this blog so we can keep up with your activities. It makes it much easier to know specific prayer concerns.

Blessings on each of you. We love you.

Allen Miller

Linda Worden said...

Thanks for giving this feedback - it has encouraged us.