Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday in Moldova

Slight drop in temperature today after last evenings light rain so that was a welcome relief. It was a really beautiful day.

The day flowed as usual with large group, small group and activities as planned. Of course some kids also flowed as usual – in and out of groups as they decided where the most excitement was. But we all managed to keep smiles and hugs readily available to all around us.

After lunch, we took boxes of clothes to the children and adults at the camp. I think everyone found at least one and most found a number of items to select. Almost immediately there was a fashion parade from the cabins as children changed into their new clothes and came proudly to show off their new duds. During some sharing to the large group at evening Gazebo time, I told the children all the clothes and shoes had been given by people in our churches in TX. As I said this and it was translated, the children started clapping to express their appreciation for what they had received. The unscripted response was sweet.

Tomorrow will be a regular day but will have the added benefit of us taking an ice cream treat to the children after our lunch.

Our plans for Saturday have been to go to Tirospol which is a city in Transneistria which has suffered devastation in the recent flooding. We will be supporting Baptists there in taking food staples and clothing to people who have suffered extensively. We will also share Jesus’ message of love and compassion as most of the people of the worst hit area are probably unbelievors. But now we have been asked to make that trip Friday instead of Sat. due to the main Pastor having a wedding he must attend or officiate – not sure which. So we have decided to go there Friday and return to camp on Saturday for our final day.

That pretty well wraps up today and I could use a good dose of sack time tonight so will call this a wrap for tonight. It’s only 10PM!

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