Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 2008 Elections and the Pro-Life Issue #1

My thoughts about the Election and the Pro-Life issue #1

The seriousness of the election in just over 2 weeks is weighing heavily on my heart. I will be voting for the pro-life presidential ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin but if the current polls are accurate, more voters will be voting for the pro-choice candidate. There is much available on many websites to inform voters on all aspects of the abortion issue so I will let you research independently at such sites as National Right to Life, ; Focus on the Family Action, ; The Witherspoon Institute, ; etc.

My thoughts center around the word "choice".
My research shows that >.5% of abortions are done for the reason of rape. Below are listed the reasons women have an abortion taken from a Fact Sheet found on the National Right to Life Committee website.

Social Reasons given as primary reason
1. Feels unready for child/responsibility 25%
2. Has all children she wants/other family responsibilities 19%
3. Relationship problem/single motherhood 8%
4. Feels she isn’t mature enough 7%
5. Interference with education/career plans 4%
6. Parents/partner wants abortion >1%
7. Other reasons >6.5%

TOTAL approximately 93%

“Hard Cases” given as primary reason
1. Mother’s health 4%
2. Baby may have health problem 3%
3. Rape >0.5%

TOTAL approximately 7%

What these statistics show me is that less than 1 abortion per 100 is done because a woman's pregnancy was the result of force and not her "choice". Therefore, over 99% of abortions are done because a man and woman's "choice" to be sexually active had unintended or unwanted consequences. Ending a pregnancy by medically induced abortion deprives the new life of the "choice" it should have to live. A woman makes a "choice". If the result of her "choice" is a pregnancy, shouldn't that new life she carries have the "choice" to live? I think pre-born babies should be protected, nurtured and welcomed into a world with the rights our Constitution makes possible. A woman has a "choice" about behavior which can result in pregnancy. If that happens, the consequence of personal, private behavior must take into consideration the new individual life that has been created.

People can make "choices", but people cannot control the consequences of all "choices". A person chose to drive while drunk and my brother-in-law's death was the unintended consequence of such a “choice". A person can choose to overeat but health problems may be a consequence even if unwanted. A person can chose to exceed the speed limit but the fine when caught will still have to be paid.

I'm passionate about the life of pre-born children. My husband and I have been involved in a local ministry for unwed mothers including house parenting for a number of teen girls in order to save their babies’ lives. Please show that you care about preserving the "choice" of LIFE for every pre-born baby.
Please consider this very important issue as you go to the polls.

Please vote for McCain/Palin who will continue the fight for a culture of life in this wonderful and blessed country.

Your vote gives voice to those whose voices
have been or may be silenced.

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