Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I voted today!!!

Early voting continues through this week in TX so I joined many others from my community and went to the polls early. I expected to find only a couple of tables with workers facilitating the process but I was amazed at the many volunteers ready for voters by 8am. The gals who served the table for my precinct were efficient and joyful. The man ahead of me did not have his voter registration card with him as he "couldn't find it" he said, but that did not affect how he was welcomed and treated by the special ladies making it possible for him to vote today. I did have my card so my "check-in" went a little more quickly but both of us were able to join many other registered Americans to participate in the treasured privilege of voting. How grateful I am that I live in a country with this ingrained freedom. How grateful I am that so many fellow citizens have volunteered to be at work by 8am and stay until 5pm to facilitate this process. How grateful I am for all the "behind the scenes" workers who take seriously this opportunity to serve our country by taking active part in the process. I greatly appreciate their diligent commitment.

So please be sure your voice is heard in this election. Prayerful, informed voting is a blessed privilege and opportunity. Our country needs the support of devoted, active citizens in order to continue as a great nation. Don't sit this one out. And keep praying that God will be honored through the choices that are made.

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