Saturday, November 1, 2008

Driving VW Convertible in Homecoming Parade!

This was a first for me!! I "qualified" to drive this VW Bug in the Tivy High School Parade in October because I was the only friend of Olga who knew how to drive a stick shift. Olga doesn't really show very much in this picture but she and Marcus are the Mock Trial Sweethearts and needed a driver for their convertible. The car was being loaned by another student's Mom but she didn't want to drive in the parade. It was a beautiful evening and we all had fun "crawling" down the street in Kerrville, TX. Olga and Marcus threw candy to the on-lookers though they ran out quite close to the beginning of the parade and had to just wave for much of the route. The parade ended in a park where there was a big bon-fire and pep rally. Fortunately, the Tivy team won the Homecoming game the next night. Anybody want my autograph?

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