Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday 2-16-09 in Richmond...

I'm writing this note while visiting an orthodontist with grandson #2, Stephen, and my other 3 grandchildren in tow. There are so many options for occupying our time while here that we could spend all day I think and still have new things to try. This is the new way to attract patients I imagine. Two children are in the video game room, one is on another computer catching up with her Webkinz and if they tire of those things, there's a video vieweing room. I'm set up with fresh coffee and the computer.

This won't be too long because the appointment is already finished - the broken headgear won't be replaced as Stephen no longer needs to wear it but will continue with constant rubber bands. But he needs a turn to "play" so we'll stay a few more minutes or can we make this last all day? Actually we have piano lessons at 4 so we'll have to leave before then. We'll see what the offer is for lunch here. Maybe pizza or Chick-fil-a are brought in? I had my children a generation too soon.

Later I'll tell the story of the most surprising, amazing, awesome Valentine gift ever I've ever received but for now I'll just communicate that we all survived the weekend and are doing well.

Phillip has fully recovered from the flu and no one else has gotten sick!!! That is a huge praise!!!

Our weekend was a combination of chores - laundry, room cleaning, grocery shopping... - and play. I've been "creamed" in basketball and UNO multiple times. I'm trying to convince everyone that they have inherited all their skill from their Grandma Lee or they wouldn't be so good with their games.

Valentine's day was a sweet time to open a gift that arrived from cousins and later a card and gift from grandparents. The activity sheet I downloaded from the computer and put in the card was a big hit and occupied some good time after dinner Sat. pm.

We enjoyed the DVD I brought with me - SNOWBALL EXPRESS - an old Walt Disney video we watched when our son was young. We all had pop corn, snuggled on the play room sofa and laughed through the antics of the family who has just moved to Colorado from NYC. That was Fri. PM.

Made it to church Sun. AM and included a stop at a Goodwill (my grandchildren's favorite store - mine also) and McDonald's with a play area in the afternoon. With no school today, we indulged in a 2nd video for the weekend and watched FLYWHEEL last evening - good movie.

FLYWHEEL allowed an important learning moment from our afternoon to be reinforced. While shopping at GOODWILL, Phillip located some binoculars. He asked if we could buy them. I decided we could if they were priced right but they weren't marked so I didn't know what the verdict would be. We shopped awhile and then checked out. We were on our way down the street when Phillip asked if we had paid for the binoculars. I thought back to check-out and realized I didn't see them in the items we purchased so I told him we hadn't paid for them so they must not have made it into our basket and into our stash. I told him I didn't know what had happened to them. His response was, "Well, they're hanging around my neck!" So I said, "Oops, we have to go back and pay for those." We headed back, waited in line and then explained our situation. The check-out gal was so impressed by our honesty that she said she'd let us buy them for $.50. We paid and continued our day. In the FLYWHEEL movie, the main character returns money he has dishonestly gotten from his customers and that action brings about an unexpected blessing for him. So without a lecture, our day included an important life value to be taught. I'm thankful.

OK, we better say "Farewell" to this kid friendly zone and head off to the next stop. I'm having fun and feeling very blessed...

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Marge B. said...

Dear Lee,
So good to hear about your visit with your precious grandkids.I've been praying for Phillip's speedy recovery. So glad to hear that he's fully recovered & everyone else is remaining healthy.
As usual, you're making the most of your time while visiting. You've got such great ideas for sharing creative-fun times together and are always instilling Godly lessons through everyday life situations. You're continually growing together and I'm happy for you all.
I trust John & Diane are enjoying their 'twosome time' in LA.
Thanks for sharing. Love, Marge