Thursday, February 12, 2009

Visiting Grandchildren in Richmond, VA...

My flights to Richmond, VA yesterday were smooth and only delayed 45 minutes in Atlanta due to a storm east of there which backed up traffic for awhile.

I have come to Richmond in February for the past nearly 9 years as it's when the annual Chick-fil-a Seminar is held each year. My son, John and his wife, Diane, attend the seminar and I stay with their 4 children ages nearly 6-10. Unfortunately, it has also become a tradition that the children get sick while I'm here. We've weathered stomach flu and colds - this year will follow the routine apparently as Phillip, age 10, was diagnosed yesterday with Flu B which wasn't covered in his flu shot. He's on his 3rd day home from school and still has a temperature nearing 102. I learned of his diagnosis en route yesterday so my husband was able to contact my Dr. and a prescription for RELENZA was ready for me to pick up on my way from the airport to the house. Hopefully it plus my flu shot will keep me from picking up this bug. Prayers are also appreciated. The other 3 children had flu mist and hopefully have immunity to this strain of the flu.

John and Diane will head to LA tomorrow afternoon. I will attend Grandparent's Day with Stephen, Joanna and Lydia at Veritas Classical Christian School tomorrow during their half day of school. Hopefully there will be another time to attend school with Phillip after he has recovered from the flu. I will also be subbing as an aide in a Kindergarten class to cover for Diane while she's away. Should be lots of fun if we're healthy and if I go to bed early at night. My day will get going at the crack of dawn each day.

This is experience #1 on my resume these days. What a blessing to have children and grandchildren plus the health to be involved in their lives. I'll try to keep a post of life here for the next week plus.

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