Monday, March 2, 2009

Traveling again...

There has been a break in my blog posting. I returned from VA but had just 6 days to catch up at home and repack for another trip.

My husband and I are now in Naples, FL. We are part of the advance team of employees from the H.E.Butt Foundation who are getting everything in place for a conference which will begin on Thursday. This Forum Conference is held every 2 years for business leaders as an encouragement to them "In The High Calling" of their daily work. It is the passion of the visionary of this ministry, Howard E. Butt Jr., to encourage people in the business world to consider their positions as much a calling from God to serve Him as is the calling received by full-time clergy and missionaries. This forum will include speakers, panel discussions, small group discussions, music and meals.

The advance crew is setting up their on-site office right now and is actively preparing to greet guests who will begin arriving on Wed. - continuing on Thursday.

Enjoying the sun... Enjoying The Son...

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