Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moldova Bound in Less than 1 day...

I am nearly packed so will be ready to arrive at church for our ride to the airport by 8AM tomorrow.

The election do-over in Moldova took place yesterday and here is some very exciting news which was sent from a Moldovan friend.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for praying for the parliamentary elections
in Moldova. God heard our prayers and fasting and granted the democratic parties
victory in the elections. Although by a short margin 53 to 48 the communists
were defeated. There are still important steps to be taken in the next weeks to
consolidate this victory. A democratic coalition of the 4 parties who hold the
53 votes needs to be solidified, a new government and a new president have to be
voted. Please, continue to pray for Moldova and the democratic parties.
Thank you again and praise God for this great victory!

Your Moldovan
brother in Christ,


We are grateful for this good news and trust that there will be stability in the country.

My previous blog told of our plan to ship our boxes with supplies ahead of time. Those boxes left Houston last Friday afternoon but have gotten delayed in France for the past few days. It was anticipated that our 31 boxes would arrive in Chisinau, Moldova by this past Tuesday evening. As of this writing, none of the boxes are there yet. Allison has been in contact with the shipper and has earnestly been seeking a solution for the delayed boxes. She has now been assured that all boxes will be in Chisinau by Monday. They are having to be flown a few at a time on Air Baltic. The boxes cannot be released until the whole order has arrived in Moldova. I had urged our team members to take what they would especially need on Monday with them in personal checked bags so that we would be able to function if there was a delay in the arrival of our boxes. Hopefully there will only be minor inconvenience due to the late arrival of the vast majority of our supplies.

This "hitch" is not surprising. The Great Deceiver wishes for us to arrive discouraged and distressed and his attempts to cause that are often thrown across our path. But God wills for us to be overcomers so we will trust Him with this distraction. Pray with us that His work in and through us will be accomplished regardless of the location of 31 boxes.

I'll update as soon as we arrive in Moldova and I am able to get to the computer. Your prayers mean so much to us.

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Marge B. said...

Dear Lee,
As I was taking my walk today, I was praying for your trip. I got to wondering if the boxes had reached their destination, as I hadn't heard. So thanks for answering that question. I will continue to pray that they arrive by Monday, as promised. Perhaps it is playing out this way because God knows something we don't know. If it is due to the 'Great Deceiver', God certainly is able to overcome this obstacle and demonstrate His trustworthiness. Thankfully, He gave you presence of mind to travel with your necessary personal belongings.
Glad to hear the outcome of the election. That is a definite answer to prayer.

'But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.' II Cor.2:14

Know that my prayers go with you all. Marge