Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moldova, Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009

Our day is drawing to a close and it has been one in which we have gone several ways in order to spend time with sponsored children or participate in a very enjoyable Moldovan ride in the country. I was part of the team which loaded into a van at 9:30 for some sightseeing. We stopped first to tour the beautiful, new CERI offices then headed to Cricova to see about a tour of underground caverns which produce limestone blocks. But the place is closed on weekends. From there we headed to Orhei where there is a 13th Century underground monastery. We got in some good walking to visit that and to enjoy the scenic, fertile valley below the cliff concealing the ancient monastery. On our return, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant beside a small lake where we enjoyed traditional Moldovan food - Mamaliga (probably not spelled correctly). We arrived back at the team house where we were joined at 4pm by Elena and Valentina Sitic, the girls we help sponsor. They are quite shy but answered our questions, asked some and were good listeners. It was another precious time with them. Elena told us she had been thinking about her spiritual decision for a long time and knew it was time to make her decision Thursday evening. She said her sister had been talking to her about it and encouraging her. She said she feels freer and happier now. They told us they will be visiting Jesus Savior Baptist Church tomorrow with a cousin. We are very thrilled about this as it will be a good church with an active youth program which they can get involved in. They are such pretty and sweet girls.

This evening was our appreciation dinner at La Tafaz Restaurant where we enjoyed an abundance of Moldovan foods. It was a good time to thank our support team - translators and drivers. We could not do what we do without their skill and participation.

We will attend 1st Baptist tomorrow morning and we understand there will be a wedding in that service as there was last week at Jesus Savior. This time we will be worshipping in Russian.

How can it be nearly time to pack already? Thanks for your continued prayerful involvement with our team. God is sustaining us.

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