Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moldova, Sunday Aug. 2, 2009

We have had a wonderful day but it is nearly midnight and I'm exhausted so I'll just communicate that we're all fine after a long, exciting day. From my perspective, it was terrific until I created a detailed blog post and somehow magically deleted it instead of posting it!!! I took a break to get my shower and now want to at least let you know that we are well and blessed.

Church lasted 3 hrs this morning which included communion and a wedding!!! We were swept into the worship even though much of the service wasn't in our language. Hearing "How Great Thou Art" as the service began was a joyous experience and was the whole service.

Lunch; then preparation to meet our translators, go to camp to meet the children and spend some time there in preparation for the week. It was emotional and humbling but so endearing! Many faces are very familiar so it is fun to return.

The oldest group of boys had 30 guys so John and his teaching partner, Peggy, are pretty overwhelmed but will carry on. If that # continues for tomorrow, we may try to enlist another translator and split the group. My group of teachers included Svetlana who became a dear friend my first year here but who hasn't been involved until this year.

Wish I had the energy to spend more time relating our day but I need to be ready for tomorrow so better head to bed.

Your prayers are God's provision for us at this time. We are grateful!

Pray that our boxes will arrive tomorrow!


Marge B. said...

Dear Lee,

Any news from you is great, whether 'to the point' or detailed. Your utmost focus is on the people of Moldova - new & familier faces, who have been waiting for you to arrive. Getting your much needed rest, is essential to all that He is calling you to do.
So in other words, don't carry a weight of obligation to include lengthy-detailed postings, when He has more pressing things to accomplish through you. (I know you love to write & reflect, as well as have the postings as your diary)
I sense your excitement and energy and know that God will provide the strength you need to carry on His work.

'Sing to the Lord a new song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise His
proclaim His salvation day after
Declare His glory among the
His marvelous deeds among
all peoples.' Psalm 96:1-3

Love & prayers,

Marjorie said...

Linda, I have thought of all of you so much since Friday and especially today, knowing that you would be going to camp and meeting the children. I am so thankful that you arrived safely, and what a beautiful assurance of God's love and care for you by the quick return of your necessary documents!
Thank you for posting to your blog; I will continue to follow you this week. Give my love to the CERI staff and love the children for me.