Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moldova, Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday is drawing to a close. We have just finished our last delicious meal prepared by the team house cook, Lilia, and we have debriefed for nearly an hour to relate some of the highs and lows of the week. It was a very constructive time of praise and helpful ideas which we concluded with the singing of a verse of HOW GREAT THOU ART. We have been a team which has loved, given, sacrificed, laughed and sparred while serving our Lord and each other.

Most of us attended 1st Baptist, a Russian speaking church this morning where we enjoyed a 2 hr. service of wonderful music and preaching. As we listened to magnificent songs of praise, I envisioned the moment told about in Rev. 7:9

After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne
and in front of the Lamb.

I imagine that when all believers gather before God's throne in heaven, we will all understand or we will all speak the same language as we together worship the Lord. This morning was a hint of what that scene will be like and it was filled with emotion for John and me. Worship and praise to Jesus can be recognized and felt in any language I believe.

Following lunch we had a couple hours at the art market where I purchased a couple things a friend asked me to buy and visited the Bucaria candy store for a few items.

We've been packing and savoring our final moments here. It's load our suitcases at 2:50am, depart for the airport at 3am and leave for Frankfurt and the USA at 5am. We're expected in San Antonio about 3pm or so CDT.

I'm grateful for another opportunity to serve in this ministry with some of the 11,000 orphans of Moldova - 87% of whom have a parent or parents but who are unwilling, unable or disallowed from caring for them. This has been another week in which my life and heart have been profoundly impacted and in which I have experienced the power of God flowing through me to extend His love and care. May I continue to serve as He enables and provides.

The next word from me will be stateside. Thanks for your continued prayers as we wearily wend our way homeward - a blessed team.

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