Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moldova, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009

It is 1am here and our team has just returned from our evening at the Transitional Living camp in Calarash. This was an exceedingly meaningful evening for John and me as we got to spend the whole time with the precious twin girls we help sponsor. They are 17 yrs old and are in vocational school following their years in the orphanage. I met them in Dec. but this was John's first opportunity.

We sat at a picnic table with a translator and shared family photos and information about our lives. We had a couple of hours for this before dinner. During our conversation, John and I both shared about how we have lived our lives and how we came to our lives of commitment to Christ. We asked the girls about their lives and whether or not they had a relationship with Jesus. Valentina immediately said that she made a commitment at a camp 2 years ago when an American team came here to do what we are doing now. I asked Elena what her experience was and she was quiet. I asked if she was still thinking about it and she said, "Yes". We told them we pray for them often and will continue to. We asked our translator to share with the girls how he came to faith. We don't really know the story as he spoke only in Romanian.

After dinner, there was an evening program which included a message by Anatoli, the translator who had been translating for us and who is working with our team this week. He had given a clear witness during his message regarding the importance of choosing a relationship with Christ when young and not delaying and he explained how that was done. At the close of his message, he invited anyone who was ready to make that commitment to come forward and light a candle to signify their choice. Elena and several others were out of their seats immediately and lit their candles. How precious to have this very special moment happen while we are here! It's a moment we will never forget! And how sweet to have these dear girls beside us for a few hours of hugging, holding hands and sharing our love as best we could.

Our morning at camp went well. We had a few more sprinkles of rain but are rejoicing in cooler temperatures.

Tomorrow is to be our last day at the camp. Pray for us to "end well". We are all pretty tired but are soldiering on with strength only God can be providing.

Our hearts are full. Tomorrow will be difficult as it means saying such difficult "good-byes".

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Marjorie said...

Linda, how wonderful to hear of your experiences with Valentina and Elena. I am so thankful for your witness and for Elena's decision. You have had a difficult, but very meaningful, week. I thank God for all of you....thank you for sharing each day with us.