Saturday, November 7, 2009

Turn us again to yourself, O God...

The Daily Reflection written by Mark D.Roberts a few days ago, focused on Psalm 80. His thoughts centered on the phrase, Turn us again to yourself, O God..., which are found in verses 3, 7 and 19. He had encouraging, enlightening and hopeful things to share about this passage but my heart lingered on that one phrase - Turn us again to yourself, O God...

There are several things I find in these words which bring me delight and hope. This prayer by Asaph asks God to "Turn us" to himself. The scriptural basis for the fact that we can ask God to originate the turning not just for ourselves but for others is something I hadn't located or mindfully registered previously. I have frequently prayed for myself and others to turn to Him in repentance but I perceived the turning to be a personal response to God as a result of confessional prayer. I had not grasped the reality that God is at work "Turning us" as we pray and petition with intercession on behalf of ourselves and others.

This verse in Psalm 80 provides not just a glimmer of hope but a burst of evidence that there's life changing influence coming from our loving, merciful and powerful God when we pray with these words of conviction - Turn us again to yourself, O God... I pray today with renewed zeal for those including myself whose hearts need "turning" again to God.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrating Halloween at Laity Lodge #3...

I have posted two blogs about the concert with David Tolley on Halloween evening at Laity Lodge. With my little Canon camera, I was able to capture several of his remarkable renditions that evening. Today I am including a clip of his presentation from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. He asked for all lights to be turned off leaving just the glow from the candles inside the "Choir" of carved pumpkins. David Tolley's hands on the Steinway marvelously created the spooky mood so appropriate for that evening.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating Halloween at Laity Lodge #2...

Yesterday I posted an entry about the weekend retreat I attended at Laity Lodge. A highlight of the weekend was the concert Saturday evening with David Tolley. I used my little Canon camera to film several of the pieces he played. He gave me permission to share them here and on my Facebook page. I think you will enjoy hearing his remarkable compositions.

It was Halloween evening when this concert took place. Pumpkins had been carved as an art project for those who wished to "play" during their free time in the afternoons with guest artist Meg Lowry Sack. Someone created 3 jack-o-lanterns with a musical theme to honor David. They were placed beside him for the concert at the Cody Center.

The piece I'm including in this post, is a number which David shared for the first time at Laity Lodge. It is entitled, REAL FRIO LOVE. The name was selected as a way for David to honor Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Butt. REAL is the name of the county in which Laity Lodge is found. It is pronounced as a 2 syllable word - Re al. But of course the word also can mean what we usually think of when we see the word real - i.e. genuine, authentic, actual, true. FRIO is the name of the river along which the H.E.Butt Foundation property sits. LOVE is a personal expression which David feels for Mr. and Mrs. Butt because of the many ways in which they have shown him and his family the warmth of their very real, genuine and authentic welcome, grace, affirmation and generosity. LOVE is also an expression which can be used to describe the relationship Mr. and Mrs. Butt have shared with each other for nearly 60 years. David has composed a lovely melody and dedicated it to Mr. and Mrs. Butt as he prepared to play it during the concert.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebrating Halloween at Laity Lodge...

I attended a wonderful retreat last weekend at Laity Lodge. The artist for the weekend was Meg Lowry Sack who led a pumpkin carving session for folks during their afternoon free time. The clever and creative jack-o-lanterns surrounded the Steinway at the Cody Center. This provided a festive Halloween atmosphere for the concert on Saturday evening with David Tolley. David has been a guest artist at Laity Lodge on at least an annual basis since 1986. My husband and I moved to TX in 1985 for him to begin work with this wonderful ministry. In our nearly 25 years with the H.E.Butt Foundation ministries, we have had the privilege of hearing David many times. We are very grateful for that blessing in our lives. David has become a friend and I want to share some moments from his concert Saturday evening. He opened his concert with a number he composed for EuroDisney. His 18 hour complete work continues to play there. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy HEAVENLY FLIGHT as it was performed to open his concert at Laity Lodge.