Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebrating Halloween at Laity Lodge #2...

Yesterday I posted an entry about the weekend retreat I attended at Laity Lodge. A highlight of the weekend was the concert Saturday evening with David Tolley. I used my little Canon camera to film several of the pieces he played. He gave me permission to share them here and on my Facebook page. I think you will enjoy hearing his remarkable compositions.

It was Halloween evening when this concert took place. Pumpkins had been carved as an art project for those who wished to "play" during their free time in the afternoons with guest artist Meg Lowry Sack. Someone created 3 jack-o-lanterns with a musical theme to honor David. They were placed beside him for the concert at the Cody Center.

The piece I'm including in this post, is a number which David shared for the first time at Laity Lodge. It is entitled, REAL FRIO LOVE. The name was selected as a way for David to honor Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Butt. REAL is the name of the county in which Laity Lodge is found. It is pronounced as a 2 syllable word - Re al. But of course the word also can mean what we usually think of when we see the word real - i.e. genuine, authentic, actual, true. FRIO is the name of the river along which the H.E.Butt Foundation property sits. LOVE is a personal expression which David feels for Mr. and Mrs. Butt because of the many ways in which they have shown him and his family the warmth of their very real, genuine and authentic welcome, grace, affirmation and generosity. LOVE is also an expression which can be used to describe the relationship Mr. and Mrs. Butt have shared with each other for nearly 60 years. David has composed a lovely melody and dedicated it to Mr. and Mrs. Butt as he prepared to play it during the concert.

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Marge B. said...

Dear Lee,
Finally catching up with past blogs you've shared. I didn't realize what I've been missing out on.

Thanks for sharing the piano performances, as well as all the interesting-insightful info & history.
Love, Marge