Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing Karen Kingsbury...

I recently asked my daughter how she would spend a day if she had a whole day available which could be spent in whatever was her most favorite way. Her answer pleased me with a bit of surprise. She said, "I'd spend the day reading a Karen Kingsbury book." I felt certain her answer would include reading as the main activity as she has devoured books since she learned to read. But having only begun to read The Redemption Series books by Karen, I was somewhat surprised to find that they had already gripped her mind and heart as they have mine.

One of my sisters introduced me to the Kingsbury books. I was visiting her for a few days several years ago and while there, I was hoping to share lengthy conversation which was rare in our adult worlds as we lived far from each other. We did get settled in one evening for a long conversation but every time something would interrupt us and I would be distracted for a few minutes, she would pull out a book and be buried in something which it seemed had her full focus and interest. As I returned from whatever caused my brief absence, she would put the book away but again would sneak it back out if there was a moment of freedom from our conversation. I asked what she was reading and she told me "a Karen Kingsbury book." I had not heard of that author but made a mental note to do some investigation since my sister was so engrossed with the book she was reading at that time. But I wasn't sure I would become an avid reader because the genre was Christian Fiction. I feared it would be a waste of time to read those books. I now feel different. Karen Kingsbury writes Life-Changing Fiction and I have come to realize that her stories convey with gripping narrative the same principles and values as Biblical truth.

I decided that today I would introduce Karen Kingsbury on my blog. I encourage you to read her books, read her biography and allow God to change you through her stories.

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