Monday, January 11, 2010

Tribute to my Husband...

It has been quite some time since I posted an update to this blog. Even though I thoroughly enjoy sharing here, my life had become rather consumed by other priorities in the past couple of months and I am just now returning to this discipline in my life. As I ponder an appropriate and significant way to begin my blog life for 2010, I cannot think of a better way to begin than to pay tribute to the man whose name I've shared for over 43 years. This idea came to me this morning as I read a tribute to him from one of his work colleagues. I share that tribute here as it expresses truth with which everyone who knows my husband would concur.

The occasion which prompted these thoughts was an "award" that was given to him as part of the weekly devotional sharing time which happens at his place of employment. He has worked as Foundation Administrator for the H.E.Butt Foundation for twenty-five years. These words have been earned because of the manner in which he lives his life at home, at work and in the community. I share these thoughts in deep appreciation for this man and the God he humbly serves so faithfully.
I hope you were able really to take in the standing ovation you got last Tuesday. Nobody else received this along the way. We weren't just caught up in the moment. I sensed in that ovation a genuine and heartfelt appreciation for you and your exemplary stewardship. More than anyone else in our organization, you do help us to use every penny wisely. Sometimes, of course, this makes you the sheriff, and that's never a fun role. But all of your colleagues deeply respect you, your integrity and faithfulness, your hard work, your commitment to our ministry and your partnership and friendship.

I have been giving thanks for you this morning as I thought about your sword award and last Tuesday's meeting. You add so much to our common ministry and to my life...

Just wanted you to know this. Today I am very thankful to God for you!

Thanks, Sweetheart, for being a man of integrity which is genuinely noticed and appreciated by family, friends and by me. Looking forward to sharing at least 43 more years together!

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Olga Ieseanu said...

My family and I praise the Lord for such a man of God like John Worden. I'm glad we got to know him in our lives. God bless you, John and Linda!