Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of My Girls...

There are a number of people who feel that "Being on Facebook" is a waste of time. I, however, have had many remarkable things happen through my Facebook involvement. One of my favoritel things was the renewal of friendship with a very special young woman I'd gotten to know well about eleven years ago.

Emily* lived at the Maternity Home while my husband and I served as houseparents there. She was a beautiful 15 year old who had chosen to continue her "surprise" pregnancy. She had loving parents but for Emily, it was best to move away from them and her baby's father through her eighth month of pregnancy.

With Emily's decision to keep her baby, came the desire and determination to give her baby the best pre-natal experience possible. Emily chose to eat only the most nutritious things available. She had a great appetite, was up early each day for a good breakfast and made sure she continued with healthy choices throughout the day.

In addition to good food, vitamins, Dr. visits and high school studies, Emily took steps throughout her pregnancy to begin communicating with her daughter. Each evening before she went to sleep, she propped a book on her tummy and read her daughter a story.

Emily fell in love with that precious little girl as she waited for her birth. Our Maternity Home allowed her to be safe, cared for and loved. We also provided the nurture of daily devotions with her and the other girls in residence so that God's truth was filling her mind.

As planned, Emily moved home a month before the baby was born. We learned of her little girl's birth and we visited her new home once but as the years passed, we lost touch with her.

Until Facebook. Somehow Emily found my name and sent me a note in January 2009:

Hey Linda I tried to contact you but I couldn't for the LIFE of me remember your last name! NOT good eh, well I can proudly say I have accomplished many things in the past 10 years since my wonderful daughter was born and your influence was impacted. I know at the time and still some today I have childish and impulsive decisions I make. But I have come a very long way, I joined the army at 19, completed my term and have contracted through the years, serving both in Iraq and Afghanistan. My wedding is going to be in Oct. I am super excited; dated some over the years but finally find the one! My little girl's 10th birthday in on the 29th, she is SO grown up. I have had to sacrifice a lot to support her but every time I see her smile I realize that she is worth it and she is respectful and will thank me someday (but she already does!) ....take care~

It was a thrill to receive this note. How wonderful to learn that the precious Mom and baby our Maternity Home nurtured, would continue to value the support gained while a resident there. And most of all, it's so gratifying to know that a precious child that many would have recommended be aborted, is now giving her thankful Mom smiles and love.

In Emily's words, "She is worth it..."

*not her real name

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