Friday, August 6, 2010

Moldova, Friday, August 6, 2010...

We are just back at the team house following our La Taifas Restaurant meal to show our gratitude to our support crew. Our meal was traditional Moldovan food - pre-ordered and served family style. The appetizers were platters of fresh veggies and plates of "pies". These triangular creations are stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables. A lady makes them in the corner of the room where we were served.

We've had a dozen Moldovans who've shared themselves and the gifts God has given them with us. They have been a great crew and I hope they will be with us if God gives us the health and means to return.

We arrived at the camp around 10 this morning and we could immediately feel the excitement and energy and sadness of it being the last day. Gazebo Time went long which was fine. Our translators had devised a cute skit to open the morning. We had singing, recitation of memorized verses by children, choral reading of the day's scripture and a Adam Raccoon story called "Forever Falls". This story was a parable of God's instuction not to eat from the tree of Good and evil in the Garden of Eden but of course Adam chose to disobey. To be rescued King Aren sacrificed his life but came back to life. The stories keep their attention well and are great at communicating God's truth.

Our small groups included the Bible lesson and then the time of giving each child a t-shirt which they were able to paint with markers. Much to our surprise, most children did not want to make any marks on their shirts. They chose to leave them white. The day was again very warm but we managed to get most everyone into these long sleeved shirts for a camp wide photo!

We started a second Gazebo Time about 12:30pm when we had more singing, a powerful skit by our translators is which they depicted the "race" to heaven which requires keeping focus on the goal and resisting the pull of evil; the final presentation of memory verses in which 4 children said most of the verses we covered this week. We were prepared with 3 prizes but quickly created a fourth to recognize the achievement of each child, a last Adam Raccoon story entitled "Race to Victory Mountain". We also showed the DVD we'd created of photos from last year. At 1:30 we dismissed to small groups for the last time with the children to give a small bag of gifts and many last hugs. We departed about 2:15pm with mixed emotions - some sadness and lots of memories of the "warm" week we've had. We're all grateful for the experience.

One teammate was not able to join us this morning due to a "bug" that hit her during the night and continued into the morning. She stayed in bed all day but was able to join us this evening at the restaurant.

Before dinner, 3 of our guys visited the site of our work project for tomorrow. That will be to work in a village at the home of 4 siblings who live alone following the death of both parents. Will be mostly work outside the home to cut up wood, paint a fence and clear debris. They purchased the needed items to tackle this so we should be ready to go after breakfast which will be at 8am.

Two team members are headed back to the states tomorrow and will depart at 6am from the house - 8am from Moldova.

I was able to meet with my group of teachers today and we discussed the memory verses the children have been learning. I also had some things to give them - bandaids, pens, art supplies we didn't use or didn't use up, the prisms we'd used in a lesson, misc. items and most importantly about a dozen books I'd ordered from the Romanian Bible Society which has Christian books in Romanian. I wasn't sure they would be interested but they each claimed a book and the director said they would share the books and put them in the library - not sure exactly what then means but I'm delighted.

Others are waiting for the computer so I'll sign off. We have certainly been feeling your prayers and need them to continue. Tomorrow will be a day of work outdooors and it's probably going to be very hot again. We have water!!!

Rejoicing because of our faithful heavenly Father's provision.

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Marge B. said...

What answered prayer on this closing day! You must be brimming with joy, knowing of the impact God's made on these children through you.
You've made such close ties with the children and your support team in this short week. I pray that God's truths presented and shared with them this week, will not be forgotten.

Sounds like you had a very fun evening at 'La Taifas Restaurant'. I'm sure 'your guests' appreciated your expression of gratefulness to them.

Sounds like a heavy assignment for tomorrow. To think of four siblings left on their own, is very saddening. This will be rewarding work for sure. I pray you'll have good rest tonight and good weather for working outside tomorrow.

"Thanking God for YOU because
of His grace given you in
Christ Jesus. For in Him you
have been enriched in every-
way--in all your speaking and
in all your knowledge--
because your testimony about
Christ was confirmed in you."
1 Cor.1:4-6

Praying traveling safety for all.

Praising God with you,