Monday, August 2, 2010

Moldova, Monday, August 2, 2010...

We've come to the end of our first full day at camp and we have broad smiles, full tummies, a strong sense of God's care, a rather large dent in our energy and continued faith the we're where God wants us to be.

We have a manageable number of children coming to our groups and we feel that God supplied the wisdom and strength we needed to comminicate some of His word from Gen. 1 today. Since we were talking about creation, we had put together a power point of things our team members had "created". That was warmly received and made an impression on the group. Thanks, Sarah, for the competent power point support.

Our day started in the Gazebo with singing. We're thrilled with the talented Moldovan interpreters we have who also form a great worship leading team. There are a guitar and key board player along with several strong singers. They are prepared, competent and have sweet, godly spirits. I had been somewhat disappointed when I learned the names of our support crew as many of the folks I've come to know were not able to be with us this year. But God knew best and we're delighted with those who are serving with us this year. We have a techie in the ranks and he is helping us with a DVD projector, power point programs etc. Our equipment worked during our morning gazebo program but failed for the 2nd planned time for a DVD showing of their photos from last year. During the afternoon, the issue was resolved and it was back up for our evening event. The kids love to see photos of themselves from past years so we were happy to have it this evening. Thanks, again, Erik for that support.

There is no doubt that the evil one is also attempting to thwart our efforts. Today's heat was stifling and the teachers decided the children had to get out of the sun by noon today. Our planned activities were scheduled to last until 1:30 PM but it was decided that we would suspend our plans after two activity periods so that the kids could get into the pool. We have been asked to finish our activities at noon each day so that the children can swim. We'll do half of our scheduled program and then stay around for time to hang-out before going to lunch if there are kids not swimming. Our afternoon time will be open time for relationship building before our closing Gazebo time for the day.

We came home at the end of the day knowing that we'd all come through the first day with few scars. The kids are more polite than in past years, are participating eagerly and as usual are endearing themselves to us. John and I both teared up in the Gazebo tonight as the packed area was filled with joyful voices singing exuberantly of Jesus' love. I leaned over to him and said, "This is what makes all the work worth it!"

Two of the girls John and I sponsor are present this week. It is so special to have this extended quality time with them. One of them was picked up by her father this afternoon but will be back at camp tomorrow. That allowed us to have a lengthy, sweet conversation with the other gal. Viorica became a Christian several years ago because a group from a church came to the orphanage to do Bible Studies with the children and pick them up for church each Sunday. She started going to the classes because they gave out candy but she stayed to learn about Jesus. In time she learned about His free gift of salvation, she repented and became a Christian. She has a heart for God and it's a pleasure to love and encourage her.

Continued thanks for your prayer support. We are feeling its sustaining effects.

Now to get ready for tomorrow and grab some zzzzzzzzzzzz's.

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Marge B. said...

How great to hear just how abundantly God provided for all your needs this first day! It is very evident that He has gone before you, putting into place these very special-gifted helpers, as well as prepared the hearts of receptive children. I pray they will have a continued hunger to hear what God has for them in His Word.

With the change in your length of activity time, I trust that God has something even greater in store for the use of this time. I pray that this 'hanging-out' time, would welcome many opportunities to share individually with children and that they would feel free to share from their heart.

As I write this, I pray you are having a very needed, restful sleep.

As you face a new day, remember;

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation."
Psalm 68:19 (KJV)

Let me share a short devotional with you, that I read today....

'TODAY IS YOUR BEST DAY beacuse you can grow a little more in your faith, a little more in your maturity, and a little more in your intimacy with Jesus. Today you can take another step higher as He takes us from glory to glory.
Corrie Ten Boom once said, "God doesn't have problems; He only has plans." God doesn't make bad days for you and good days for you. God makes each day fit perfectly into His plans for you.
There are two ways that we can walk through a day. One is to walk by sight, and the other is to walk by faith. To walk by faith means to walk in the truth of God's Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit who lives in you.'

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24

Rejoicing in God's abundant provisions, wisdom & strength!