Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moldova, Sunday, August 8, 2010...

It's 10pm and the computer is working so hopefully I can get this message written before I lose internet access which has been spotty this evening.

Our Sunday has been considerably more relaxing than our previous 7 days in Moldova and that pace has been very welcome. We headed to a different church from where we attended last Sunday at about 10:30am today. The service lasted about an hour and is a small congregation focusing attention on students who like to sleep late Sunday mornings. We met several other Americans in attendance. One gal is here with the Peace Corps; another is here for several months with Stells's House Ministry.

Following church we ate lunch at McDonalds then spent some time at the art market to purchase a few items. We divided into several groups depending on how we were spending our last or our near to last day here. By 5pm we were all back at the team house for final packing for those leaving in the morning, for dinner at 6pm and a time of team debriefing and prayer. We all have many good things to say about how the week went and very few suggestions for things that need adjustment for a future trip.

The major hightlight for John and me today was the visit with Valentina and Elena. These twin gals left their grandmother's home in a distant village at 6am, waslked 15 minutes, took 2 buses and arrived at the team house at 9:20am. They had to return to the bus station at 4pm in order to catch the last bus back to their village today. They are beautiful, dear gals who have quiet, sweet and grateful qualities. We didn't have a translator for the first hour but shared some gifts with them, photos and then played UNO for about 30 minutes. One seemed to know how to play though Moldovan rules have some differences and she helped her sister. We had fun with that and my grandchildren will be happy to know that I even won one of the rounds which is almost impossible for me to do while I visit my Richmond, VA family.

The girls went to church with us, to lunch, shopping and then we found a bench in a nearby park where we visited more seriously. The park is around an Orthodox Cathedral that is quite historic and many limos drove in/out with brides and grooms for photos. One of the limos was a bright pink hummer!

We learned more about these girls and the family from which they come. They are attending a technical high school for the cooking trade. They will return to Chisinau by Sept. 1 for the beginning of the school year.

Time to say Good-bye came too quickly but we treasure the hours we had and feel very privileged and grateful to share in their lives.

Will let another team member have the computer. Tomorrow and Tuesday we'll spend the days with our other gals we sponsor.

Pray for Peggy, Kristin, Allison, Lonnie, Lesley and April as they fly home tomorrow. We know that Caitlin has arrived safely and assume that Lee has as well.

Moldova moments remain blessed and precious. Thanks for your prayers.

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Marge B. said...

God knew you needed this day of worship and fellowship with others. As always, He provides for our needs. I'm grateful this (Sun)day was a bit more relaxing for you all, but at the same time full of opportunities to continue sharing Christ's love with the Moldovan people.

Dear Father,
Thank-you for how You have and continue to be a light through the team. Thank-you for refreshing them today.
Thank-you for safe travels for Caitlin & Lee and that You will bring Peggy, Kristin, Allison, Lonnie, Lesley & April safely home tomorrow. We know You will give the others traveling safety, as well.

There are so many things to be grateful to You for, regarding this trip. We know You will continue to work in the hearts of all who were reached with Your love, as well as the entire team of believers You used.

"But thanks be to God, who
always leads us in triumphal
procession in Christ and
through us spreads everywhere
the fragrance of the knowledge
of Him. For we are to God the
aroma of Christ among those
who are being saved and those
who are perishing."
2 Cor.2:14,15

Rest well team!