Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moldova, Tuesday, August 3, 2010...

Today has been a fun, happy day. The temperature may have been as hot as yesterday but the humidity was slightly lower and a light breeze made the heat more bearable. Our opening in the gazebo got the day off to a good start. It is a delightful experience to listen to the children singing their hearts out in praise songs which must also bring pleasure to our heavenly Father. Can't say enough good things about our translator/singers as they rise to lead with broad smiles, overflowing energy and a competent readiness that gets everybody clapping and singing. Some of our team seem to be picking up the words and tunes to join in. What will heaven be like when we all understand all languages!!!

We had the Adam Raccoon power point stories translated ahead of time so those are read in Romanian and are enjoyable for the kids. We are stressing the memory verses for our lessons this year more than we have in the past and the children seem to be having fun with the learning. The translators suggested we put together some gift bags to "bribe" the kids to memorize the verses. Our team was able to pull together a variety of items which should be fun for some children to receive - along with some candy. Leaving God's word in their hearts is our goal.

Without the activity periods, the kids got into the pool and we were able to spend time with those who were awaiting their turn or weren't going in anyway. We wore our team shirts today and got our picture taken on the steps of the gazebo. It's good to have that done before our last day. We are hoping to get copies developed in order to give every child a copy for their photo album by the end of the week.

A couple of us shopped for lunch supplies before returning to the camp after lunch.

I was able to talk with the Camp Director and make some decisions for the next few days. We will take the 47 pair of sneakers and the few kid clothes we have to the camp tomorrow afternoon. We are hoping to be able to supply the 60 children from the orphanage with at least one item. Each pair of shoes will include a pair of new socks. Thanks, Trinity Baptist Church, for the abundance of socks you donoted for our trip. There are more campers than those 60 but the others are from the flooded areas of the country or are children whose parents have paid for them to have a camp experience this summer. The flood children have needs but they aren't orphans and there have been donations of needed items in the villages where they live. Those children are being gradually picked up by their parents.

Everyday is very full and busy but we're having a great time - working well together and enjoying the opportunity we're having.

Today's lesson was Abraham and Isaac - the theme was trust. Tomorrow will be Juseph with emphasis on leadership.

Time to finish my prep for tomorrow and then get some rest. I'm grateful to be here and thankful for your prayers.


Marge B. said...

How exciting to hear how your day went. It encourages us to remember you all the more in prayer. God is at work and is answering all our prayers concerning this trip.

It is so overwhelming to see how God is using SO MANY of us in reaching out to these loving children. Your exuberance is spilling over to us back 'home'!

I'm grateful to hear how the memory work is going and pray that the children would continue to have hungry hearts.

Psalm 119:33-40 says:
"God, teach me lessons for
living so I can stay the course.
Give me insight so I can do
what You tell me--
my whole life one long,
obedient response.
Guide me down the road of
Your commandments;
I love traveling this freeway!
Give me a bent for Your
words of wisdom,
and not for piling up loot.
Divert my eyes from toys
and trankets,
invigorate me on the
pilgram way.
Affirm Your promises to me--
promises made to all who
fear You.
Deflect the harsh words of
my critics--
but what You say is always
so good.
See how hungry I am for
Your counsel;
preserve my life through
Your righteous ways!"
(The Message)

Thank-you Father for hearts lifted up in praise to You. Thank-you for tender hearts open to Your Word. May Your Holy Spirit continue to draw those who are lost, so they may place their faith & trust in You.
Thank-you for the supply of socks & clothing that have been generously donated to these needy, grateful children.
We rejoice in how You are living in and through each of the team members & all those supporting them there.

In Your Name, Amen

Linda Worden said...

Thanks, Marge, for your very powerful and encouraging words as you share scripture and prayer with us in words. I shared much of what you've sent with our team at breakfast this morning. Really love knowing that you are following us so faithfully!!! Big hug!