Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing a new blog...

Over the past weekend, I learned that there's a new genre of blogs called STYLE blogs. Seems people share with words and photos what they're wearing and so give others ideas - reasons to shop or ways to maximize their current wardrobe.

I have gotten inspired!!!

For years I've shopped at thrift stores for all my clothes and for almost all of the clothing the members of my family wear. It's a Cottage Industry for me. What doesn't work or what is no longer wanted/needed, gets taken to consignment shops or is donated somewhere.

This shopping has gotten into my blood.

And it has made it possible for my family to practice frugality, live within our means, have the clothing we need and want - all for very reasonable prices.

I have wanted to share my ideas with others for a long time.

When I heard about the Style blogs, I immediately thought that this might be an avenue for me to share one of my professions.

You see, I consider myself a "Buyer" for myself, my family, some friends and for Consignment Shops.

Perhaps having a STYLE blog will be a way for me to communicate my ideas to others. You can check our my "Maiden Voyage" posts for my SILVER CROWN STYLES blog and decide what you think.

I'm praying that it will be a way to have a "voice" in another world for the purpose of sharing another world.


Claire said...


So happy to find you.

And really happy that you are taking this brave new step. Watching as it unfolds.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Fabulous idea, Linda.

Additionally, I'm inspired by your example of what it means to practice frugality. Thank you for this.

(I think of you often, in that beautiful place by the Frio.)