Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010...

Matthew 1: 21
She will give birth to a son...
He will save his people from their sins.
This promise given to Joseph by an angel when Joseph learned of Mary’s pregnancy, was a reminder of what the prophet Isaiah had foretold.  And these words were fulfilled.  So as we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we also Rejoice in the redemption which is available to “his people” – those who embrace and receive his free gift – salvation from our sins.   These are words which bring us great joy and our hope is that you share this experience also.

The last annual letter from the Wordens was written in 2006.  In order to provide some coverage of the “years of silence”, I’ll briefly note some highlights of the in-between years.

  • ·         Continued employment for both of us with the H.E. Butt Foundation – JCW fulltime; LLW part-time
  • ·         LLW trip to Richmond, VA in Feb. to cover childcare while son John and Diane attend Chick-fil-a annual seminar
  • ·         The Forum –  March Biennial Foundation event in FL for both of us
  • ·         Moldova Mission Trip – annual event for both of us in early August
  • ·         LLW to WI in late Oct. to escort her Mom to TX for a winter visit
  • ·         LLW and her Mom include a stop in Richmond, VA to share a visit with son John and his family
  • ·         Mom hospitalized with near pneumonia for several days and return to TX delayed until after Thanksgiving but Mom recovered
  • ·         Mom spent Christmas in TX and returned to WI Dec. 31st
  • ·         Four Generation photo taken in Kerrville by Portraits by Jenn
  • ·         Employment & Feb. trip to Richmond, VA continue as previous year
  • ·         Linda’s mother experiences pneumonia in March followed by fall with pelvic fracture in April.  Following recovery in a nursing home in May, she moves to Hearten House in LaCrosse, WI in June.  This home for residents with memory issues provides a wonderful place very near her youngest daughter’s home and place of work.  Linda spent much of May and June in WI to facilitate the move.
  • ·         Back to Moldova in August.
  • ·         LLW 45th high school class reunion in WI and visit with Mom and sister.
  • ·         Thanksgiving in Richmond, VA including daughter, Sarah, from FL.
  • ·         LLW returns to Moldova to help distribute new socks and boots to orphans there in Dec.
  •           Employment & Feb. trip to Richmond, VA continue as previous year
  • ·         The Forum –  March Biennial Foundation event in FL for both of us
  • ·         LLW creates DVD of her Mom’s life to share at a 90th birthday celebration
  • ·         LLW visits Detroit, MI in May where son James and Shara are now living
  • ·        
    Mom’s birthday event and Groves’ family reunion in June in WI
  • ·         Back to Moldova in August
  • ·         LLW to San Diego, CA for funeral of Aunt Miriam Groves
  • ·         LLW to WI for October visit with her Mom
  • ·         JCW & LLW – WI for Thanksgiving with Linda’s 3 sisters and her Mom
  • ·         Phone call from Detroit announces news that our 5th grandchild will arrive in late July 2010
  • ·         From WI to Colorado Springs for CCCA (camping) convention in early December
  • ·         From C.S. to Estes Park, CO for reunion with Joyce Bennett –the dear friend who helped a lonely college girl survive a summer of earning college funds in a place far from home – precious lady & visit.
  • ·         Dec. 10th – death of dear uncle Hubert Groves, Dad’s younger brother
  • ·         Dec. 11th call from Sarah begins a series of major changes in her life which will lead her “home”
  • ·         LLW attends uncle’s funeral and spends a precious Sunday with her very frail Mom
  • ·         LLW returns to TX Tuesday evening, Dec. 15th
  • ·         Wed. morning, Dec. 16th Linda’s mom is taken to the hospital with pneumonia
  • ·         Linda’s sister Margelyn stays around the clock with Mom and is praying and singing with her Friday morning at 5:30 AM as Mom slips away to have Christmas in heaven with Dad and so many others 
    Family from across the country are all able to arrive in WI for Dec. 22nd Memorial Service for Mom
    Photo is the 5 of us children - Margelyn, Barbara, Kathleen, Linda and James
  • ·         3 Worden children, 2 spouses and 4 grandchildren join us in TX for Christmas 
  • ·         Employment (now re-branded Foundations For Laity Renewal) & Feb. trip to Richmond, VA continue as previous year – stay in Richmond extended while Diane has knee surgery – recovers well
  • ·         LLW drives Toyota Camry to FL in January which Sarah purchases
  • ·         Sarah spends Spring Break in TX to begin job search here
  • ·        April:  JCW and LLW attend 90th birthday party in Nashville, TN for Linda’s Dad’s sister, Aunt Ming; then drive to eastern TN to visit John’s sister, Cindi and her family
  • · Sarah arrives after FL school year to continue TX job search
  •  Despite few open school positions, Sarah signs contract in July to become the librarian at an elementary school in San Antonio – her dream job!  God’s plan is marvelous!
  • ·LLW and Sarah pack up, bid farewell and move to Kerrville, TX.  New job begins in late July.
  • Constantine Jamesson Worden arrives July 19, 2010 9#, 4oz, 21"  

  • 6th annual trip to Moldova in August including several extended days spent with the 4 precious girls we sponsor
  • ·         LLW to Detroit August 21st to meet sweet, precious Constantine
  • ·        Constantine’s extended family arrives from across the nation for his Dedication to the Lord Labor Day weekend
  • ·         LLW extends MI stay for 4 weeks to provide support during move from apt. to home, garden harvest, Shara’s work schedule…  Constantine is worth all the effort!
We approach the end of 2010 with hearts full of joy and gratitude.  I miss my Mom but know that she finished well and now enjoys the very presence of the One whose birth we celebrate at this season.  Sarah lives with us and commutes to work each day.  We are all enjoying this opportunity to share our lives and grow closer to the One who “saves his people from their sins” – the gift which continues to provide our redemption.

We have lived in TX nearly 26 years and remain blessed to be part of ministry which is committed to the godly work of “Foundations For Laity Renewal” whose mission is “Transforming Daily Life”.  

With Love and Friendship,

John and Linda Worden      

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