Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharing an Uplifting Prayer...

Last Friday evening, the world tilted and left my heart hurting.  I learned of the death of the 42 year old Senior Pastor of my church!  I could not believe that this young man with his warm smile and deep love of scripture, would never again lead our Wednesday evening Bible Study and prayer time nor anything else at our church.  There would be no more stories about his adolescent son nor precocious pre-school daughter whom he loved so dearly.  There would be no more words of encouragement for our international mission teams as we prepared to test our maturing spiritual wings and cross an ocean to share the Truth he so articulately shared each Sunday morning.

My loss feels profound but pales in comparison to the loss to his precious family.

And so when a special valentine message came from one of my sisters today, it contained words which are a balm to my soul.  I share them here as evidence of God's encouraging care when our hearts are deeply saddened.  Our Heavenly Father is so creative in how he brings healing to those who grieve.

"...I delight in praying for you. You have a heavy heart right now and 
I want you to know that I'm lifting you up in prayer.
I don't know what today will hold for you, 
but I know that it can be completely entrusted to God."

"'O Sovereign Lord, King of all creation, Lord of all that is
visible and invisible for all time and eternity, grant that I
might this day allow You to hold the same place in my heart
that You hold in all the universe. Teach me to submit to Your
wise counsel and command even as the angels of heaven do so
with joy and delight.
So fully believe that You are both good and sovereign that I
would absolutely refuse to worry, knowing that You are
working all things for my good today even those things I
don't understand and that seem so unfair.
O Sovereign Lord, thank You for Jesus, who by His willful
death and supernatural resurrection has defeated death, sin,
and Satan, both now and forever. I confess You, Lord Jesus,
as my King, my God, and my faithful Friend and Savior!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Oh, Linda ...

My heart aches for this loss, and for this family.

Today, over at The High Calling, Laura Boggess wrote so poignantly about this sort of pain ... and now I find it here, too.

You are blessed to have a prayerful sister walking alongside you with words of hope. Thank you for sharing.

Jenn said...

Thanks Linda. This is really great.

Sara Vaughan said...

Thanks Linda for sharing your sister's wonderful prayer and also your thoughts which so many of us share. It is hard to even imagine Wed night now.

Steve Finnell said...
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