Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Letter to Jesus... #5

(Note: Please see Easter 2011 Letter #1
for introduction to this series of posts.)


The tomb IS empty! It IS true! On my way to the temple this morning, I learned that something has happened which has created great excitement in Jerusalem today. It is being reported that there's been a resurrection from the dead - Jesus of Nazareth has risen from the dead! I decided I just had to come here for myself and make sure Jesus' grave really was empty. You see, I am Josephine, the woman who was ill for 12 years with hemorrhaging. He miraculously healed me one day and I just knew he really was the Messiah, the Anointed One of Israel. There have been many things I wanted to tell him, so I have written him a letter. Let me read it to you.

Dear Jesus, my healer,
Until I met you that day as you walked through my neighborhood, my life was miserable. For twelve long years I had been bleeding abnormally. I had been to so many different doctors. I know they tried their best to find a cure for my problem. They experimented with any new theory they heard or read about, but for me there was no answer. My money was gone, my suffering continued and worst of all, I was shunned by society as continually unclean. I felt so abandoned and forlorn. There were many days when I thought God must be punishing me for something evil I had done or thought. I was brokenhearted because I would never know the love of a man or be able to give birth to a child. I questioned whether or not I was really a normal woman. I felt so different and rejected. How I ached to be able to one day hold my own flesh and blood - to have that wonderful experience of motherhood which so many women are privileged to have. I knew in my present condition, I was without hope. But then, I heard about you.

I had heard of great miracles which you had performed - blind were given sight, paralyzed were made to walk, deaf were made to hear - why couldn't my bleeding be stopped? But for me, it seemed impossible. I was not allowed to be amongst other people for fear of making them unclean. Then I heard that you were nearby.

There was a very large crowd following you, pressing about you and I thought maybe I could slip unnoticed into that crowd and get close enough to just touch just the edge of your garment. I was able - I touched your clothes and as I did, I was immediately healed. I felt it - I knew the miracle I had been praying for had happened. I wanted to just slip out of sight and return home to quietly meditate on what had happened, but you stopped and asked who had touched you. I saw there was no escape so I fell at your feet in fear and told you the whole story. You then said to me, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." How elated I felt. You recognized me - you blessed me - you healed me physically and spiritually.

That day I went home a changed person. You said my faith had healed me. Yes, it is true. I had great faith. I know you honored that and gave me the greatest desire of my heart - a cure for all my problems. I can't thank you enough. I knew I needed physical healing and you knew I also needed spiritual healing. I now know that your death on the cross makes that healing possible and your resurrection makes it certain. I am most grateful for all that you have done for me. I give you my allegiance and will always be,
Your faithful friend and follower,

I, too, have a letter I've written to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,
I can relate to Josephine. I, too, have experienced being different from most other women. My womb is barren. I have not yet been able to conceive a child. I long to one day become a mother and hold my own flesh and blood in my arms. And I don't know if you will heal my physical problem and make that dream of mine come true or not.

But this one thing I know for sure. My love for you does not depend on your response to my deep desire to conceive and give birth to a child. Easter is so important to me today because I know that it really shows me again that you will do what's best for me. Your death wasn't what you wanted, but it was best for all humanity. Your love for me took you to the cross. And I love you for being the worthy sacrificial lamb for my sin. Whether or not you chose to bless my husband and me with our own biological child, I give you my allegiance and aspire to always be, your faithful friend and follower.

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