Monday, August 8, 2011

Moldova Mission Team 2011 #10...

This has been a relaxing, meaningful day.  Breakfast at 8 then departure for camp at 9.  The 3 children being picked up were all ready when we arrived.  We had my translator, Elena, with us and Mark would have CJ, our driver also.  We found Ms. Lucia to inform her that we were there for the children as previously arranged so she was ready for us.  

One of my girls is having some physical exams in preparation for acceptance at a next school as she completed ninth grade this May and has aged out of the orphanage.  She had the first part of a TB test last Fri. and was to return to the clinic this morning to check that.  We took her there and the girls waited for about an hour while that was happening.  The guys took Vioriel to his dental appointment.  They were finished with his work before Lena was ready so they went to change some money for Mark and me.

While we waited in the shade on a rock wall, we had some good conversation with Viorica.  Also met a gal who is a student at the Music Academy specializing in the cello.  Her English is quite good so we could visit.  She is involved in a church and also has done some Bible Study activities at  the orphanage.  That has been very challenging as she reported that children didn't listen well and were quite disruptive.  I assured her I understood but knew that her efforts and God's word would have a lasting effect. 

When Lena was finished, we learned that her TB test was positive and that she was to return in the afternoon for a chest X-ray and further testing.  The clinic had determined that she had swollen glands in her neck and they said that her positive result might be caused by an infection.  We've learned that TB is quite common in Moldova and from the visual appearance of her arm, I wasn't surprised to hear the result.

From the clinic we drove to the downtown area for some shopping/strolling/eating time.  We girls chose to stroll as there was a park nearby which I hadn't seen previously.  The girls said they see it all the time.  It was well populated; had a very nice playground for little children; some fitness equipment for adults; some inflatables and paths throughout the grounds.  Quite pretty.

Downtown Chisinau in front of the Parliament Building with Viorica and Lena.

Center of Chisinau in the background.

Translator Photographer took a photo from 4 different angles.

Beautiful day for a walk in a park at ciy's center.
 Following our stroll, we headed to Malldova which was near the clinic Lena needed to go to at 1:45pm.  Vioriel could eat at 1pm following his dental work so we all were able to eat at the food court in the mall.  This mall opened a couple years ago but I had only been there once before for a very short outing to grocery shop.  All is modern and attractive.  FC was quite large.  Our food was tasty and we had plenty of room in their dining area.  LaVerne and Regina were having lunch with Connie and they came there for lunch as well.
Lunch at Malldova including Regina, LaVerne and Connie.

The girls ordered Chicken Shish!  Chicken & fries but no kabob.

Our order came from the restaurant just beyond us.  Large food court but not many shoppers on Monday.
 Lena had to say good-bye as soon as she finished eating in order to get to where she would have her further testing.  I hope to see her again tomorrow around 11am.
Food Court included a Mexican Restaurant but we didn't try it.
Viorica and I had about an hour before we needed to join the guys for the trip back to camp with our kids.  We decided to stay at the mall to "site-see" but that wasn't very engaging for Viorica whose feet hurt and who wasn't interested in buying anything there anyway.  So we decided to get some ice cream and sit down for a chat.  That was a sweet time.  Viorica is very tender hearted and is very drawn to spiritual things.  I learned that she attends Sunday morning and evening church during the school year, any Bible Study that is offered at the orphanage and reads her Bible every morning.  Another ministry does a Tuesday night Bible Study every two weeks.  A woman who lives quite near Internat 2 has opened her home for a Sat. Bible Study.  There was a fellow leading that study but he has gone as a missionary somewhere and he put Viorica in charge.  She now prepares questions from her Bible reading which she uses with the Sat. group.  She has no Bible Study aides but her Bible is well worn.  I told her how much it pleased me to see her eagerness to study the Bible and lead others to do the same.  I shared some of the things God has been teaching me this year and as we parted, she said she would share my story with her roommates.  She wants to become a Doctor someday.  I have confidence she'll have an impact on her country and the world in time.  She's 15 years old - one more year at Internat 2.

Our van was met by some of the usual guys who must hear the noise of the vehicle as it turns onto the gravel road leading to the camp entrance.  Their big smiles are a warm welcome.  They are there to have some good natured sparring with CJ who knows, cares about and enjoys hanging out with them.
Friends met Vioriel as he returned to the camp after his day with Mark.

These guys love CJ, our translator/driver, so they show up at camp when he drives onto the grounds. 
It's been a great day.  Can't believe my update is written by 7pm!!!  Yeah!!!  I'll get to bed early tonight!

I've just learned Elena, the twin who's not sick, will join us tomorrow about 11am.  I'll have 3 girls and appreciate prayers that this will be a great time with some girls who do not have a mother with whom they live.  And these girls have major things they're facing - health problems, school acceptance needs, job needs...  I'm so grateful that CERI is here for these children facing challenges and giving them God's truth as they do it.  What a privilege to be involved with this ministry.

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Marge B. said...

Dear Lee,

Wow...much was accomplished on this day. I'm glad you found it to be relaxing.

So exciting to hear how God has orchestrated all your connections and conversations. 1 Thess.5:11 says we are to "encourage one another and build each other up".... and that's what He's given you a listening heart for. I'm know all those He's 'placed in your pathway' have sensed God's loving encouragement expressed in YOU!

Praising God for His loved expressed through YOU, continued beautiful weather, tender & hungry hearts to hear His voice, your sustaining health & strength, great translators to foster ongoing communication and all that God will continue to work in your heart & in those you came to share with.

Praying for traveling safety,
Love Marge