Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moldova Mission Trip 2011 #4...

Moldova Team 2011 - all 14 of us on day 2! 
Will tell the story of Day 2 mostly in pictures.  Started with a group photo in the
Gazebo to keep a team tradition going.  Kudos to Diane for getting a sign ready for us to hold.
Girls we sponsor and have the privilege of spending time with this week!
Camp Director &
Camp Medic respond to tumble by Mark
All fixed up!
 During small group time, things got a little bumpy for Mark but Allison was right there with a first aide kit and the camp director and medic were quickly available.  His physical wounds will heal though he's a little sore in a few places.
Diane teaches small boys to create a little puppet with their hand.

Today's lesson included ideas for dealing with things that are turned upside down. Diane demonstrated with a translator how to turn a face upside down with a magic marker.

Then she demonstrated the same with a student volunteer.  It was really captivating and funny!
Allison and Vlad helping a young man find a fit for his feet.
 We returned to camp after lunch with all the clothes and shoes we'd brought to Moldova.  It was a delightful time of assisting over 100 children and adults in finding something new to wear.  They were all excited and grateful.  The items had come from all team members.  We represent home churches in Kerrville, TX, Parker, CO, Richmond, VA and Irving, TX.  A big thank-you to all who generously donated these items.  And we'll have enough to take with us on Saturday when we have a painting outing at a facility for adults who live in a home for people needing care but having few resources.
Lots to choose from.

Girls are great "shoppers"

Something for the cooks also.

Such a thrilling moment!  Young men with LaVerne in their new soccer shoes and clothes.

We've been watching these twins grow up and they're now nearly as tall as John.

The twins in the photo above have just graduated from the orphanage.  They have sponsors from Kerrville, TX who have been praying diligently for them for at least 7 years.  Last week they attended the Transitional Care camp and during that week they "repented".  They are planning to give up some bad habits and enroll in further education so that they can stay in the CERI program and be given continued support and encouragement.  They are good examples of the fruit of building relationships and sharing God's truth with vulnerable children.  They have joyful expressions and new evidence in their lives of a change on the inside.

We are grateful to be here; grateful for your prayers; grateful that Nancy was well enough to join us today; grateful that Mark was not injured more seriously and grateful that the weather here is SPECTACULAR!!!

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Marge B. said...

Dear Team,

These pictures really 'show the wonder of God's great love' as He reaches out to the Moldovan's through all of you.
What joyful expressions they have. It must be so exciting to share with them in a number of ways, how much God loves them.
I can't believe all the clothes/shoes that have been donated. It looks like a HUGE 'garage sale'!

What a great way to tell the 'story' of your day with these pictures. I 'picture' you all there, as I remember you in prayer.
So thank-you for making the extra effort to capture these encouraging 'shots'.

Praising God for how He has met your every need today. I'm so glad to hear that Nancy is feeling better and was able to join you.
It is apparent that you are "grateful" for this privilege God has given you to share His love. God is giving you evidence of how He continues to work in ALL of your hearts.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
(Romans 15:13)