Friday, August 5, 2011

Moldova Mission Trip 2011 #7...

Preparing Mary and Joseph for their journey to Bethlehem.

The Gazebo became the stage so the flat slab became the auditorium.

Children filled the flat slab and watched attentively.

Shepherds and angels ready to perform.

Mary and Joseph's first visitor was the 4 yr. old daughter of a cook!  This scene caused emotion to well from the joy I was feeling!  "Let the little children come to me!"

Robed kings entering from the east!

Kings worshipping under the star which had come to stay over the stable.

Cast preparing to "take a bow".

Hilarious translator skit.

The class of adults LaVerne and I met with daily. 

Came to love these gals this week!

Gloria from China experiencing continued joy and excitement in her "new life".

Grandson Phillip poses with new friends on the campus of Internat 2 - the orphanage/boarding school where our children live from September 1 - May 31 each year.  Had a tour of the grounds today.

Great place to get some excess energy out!

Purchasing a clay whistle and getting photographed!!!

CERI support team outside LaTaifas as we left the restaurant where we'd thanked them for their fantastic service!  The 3 guys at the bottom are orphanage graduates now pursuing more education.  They were helpers for the week and are terrific young men.  We've come to know them in the 7 years we've been coming here.

Team Worden at LaTaifas in Chisinau, Moldova!
How can it be the end of our week at the camp in Moldova?  Some of the day's events were missed by my camera as I was occupied with keeping things rolling.

Many children were prepared to recite memory verses and that was such a joy to hear their voices and then to give them some little treats.

Because we were talking about the birth of Jesus today, I had gotten baby pictures of each team member and put them into a power point.  We all stood and as each photo was shown, the kids guessed whose photo they were seeing.  They were only right a couple of times.  I had arranged the photos randomly but had Phillip as the last man standing.  When his photo came on the screen, there was a loud shout of "Phillip" and then applause.  They have come to be very fond of him and it seems quite mutual.

We spent about an hour in our small groups going over the lesson and doing a craft.  They decorated a picture frame and we had an individual photo of them, a team photo and their class photo to give them.   Picked those up from the printer on our way to camp!

Gave out gift bags and had those gut wrenching "last" hugs, kisses and sometimes tears.  Knowing that God remains with them and available to them keeps the difficulty of departure from overwhelming us.  Their sweet smiles and lavish love warm our hearts and keep most of us returning for another trip.

One team member shared that this was the best of the groups she's had over the past 5 years and the most attentive during the Bible lessons.  Her usually 20 girls often asked for more stories instead of time for games - impressive!

My new Chinese friend came to the camp for a few hours from a nearby camp where she's staying for a month.  She wanted to have her picture taken with me because "I want to remember you.  You have helped me start a brand new life.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me!"

The adult class today discussed the Luke passage also.  We talked about the importance of Jesus' birth and they had questions about infant baptism and it's importance in the orthodox church.  I talked through John 3: 1-16 and Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus.  They were present, attentive and thoughtful. 

Following camp, we had lunch then to the orphanage for a short tour outside the buildings and a brief stop at the outdoor market before our "Appreciation Dinner" with our support team.  Relaxed fun - sweet conversation and great food made for a delightful evening.  Had great translators this year!!  As usual!!!

Tomorrow is a workday - painting some indoor rooms at a group facility.  More about that tomorrow.  Three children sponsored by our team members will join us as will some twin boys who are needing sponsors.  I have asked Connie about names of children waiting for sponsors.

It's only midnight here right now so I'll be getting a little more sleep than usual.  First team member to leave heads to the airport at 5:30am tomorrow morning!!!  How can that be!!!  Didn't we just arrive here? 

Love knowing that people are praying for us.  Your prayers have brought incredible results here!

Weather report:  Another perfect day!


Marge B. said...

Dear Team,
Great pictures to capture your last day. Drama speaks in such a special way. It takes lots of thought, preparation, and direction,(and perhaps patience) but is such a powerful way of capturing attention & speaking to hearts. Whether performing or watching, God uses this medium to present the Truth and touch hearts.

I'm sure it's been a bitter-sweet day for you all....rejoicing in the testimonies of God at work, yet saying good-bye to these dear children and adult helpers. God's work is's not limited to this one week!

"You are my witnesses,"
declares the Lord,
"and my servant whom I have
so that you may know and
believe me and understand
that I am He.
Before me no god was formed,
nor will there be one after me.
I, even I, am the Lord,
and aprt from me there is no
I have revealed and saved and
I, and not some foreign god
among you.
"You are my witnesses,
declares the Lord,
that I am God.
Yes, and from ancient days
I am He.
No one can deliver out of
my hand.
When I act, who can reverse it?"
(Isaiah 43:10-13)

Praising God with you and trusting you'll have sufficient strength to complete your work and safe travel,


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed keeping up with the daily activities of your week and rejoice that it has been a great week for ya'll! Please send me an email to let me know what the final arrival times and plan is for the group coming back on Mon. the 8th so I can be there at the appropriate time. I continue to pray blessings for everyone as the trip comes to a close and people start dispersing to different places. See you soon!