Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moldova Mission Trip 2011 #8...

Our Saturday started with a shopping trip to purchase supplies for a few repair projects and another trip for grocery staples to give 32 adults living in a facility for people aged out of orphanages needing help to survive on their own.  After arriving at Vatra Center, we assembled bags of food.
CJ and John assessing the bench needs before a trip to buy supplies.

Part of the crew was assigned the task of scrapping and painting the front gate.

Some of our clothing was reserved for the residents of this home.  Most have no jobs and no means to pay for their needs.  Only their room is provided so food and clothing are desperate needs.

Pizza, beverages and cookies were brought in for lunch.
Lena tackled a gate.
Viorica volunteered for a door.
Two girls we sponsor were
picked up at camp to join us 
in this work project.  
They were hard workers and 
carefully painted their area.
Great crew for the wide front gate.
Phillip joined the crew that painted the small but high gym.

Working side by side with translators to provide needed sprucing up to a worthy facility owned by the city.

A set of guy twins in the Transitional Care program joined our work force.  They got to work with the bench crew.

Sibling translator bench painters!
Just enough gray paint to cover the back gate.

Great Mother / son helpers!!!

Petru and Vasilie have just graduated from the orphanage and will start in the Transitional Care program this fall.

Joined by a few residents and our translators, our tired, sore but faithful team endured yet another group shot!

Team Worden and Lena and Viorica.

A day of community service gave a lift to the stretched Director and staff at Vatra House.  This home houses 32 individuals with a variety of handicaps.  But the Director is providing opportunity for learning and training so lives are improving in many cases.  Funding is a problem so basic needs are difficult to meet.  It was a joy to serve in this meaningful way.

A refreshing shower and a delicious supper were a real treat following this day of labor.

Following supper we shared a profitable time of debriefing.  We are a terrific team and there were good ideas for some ways to tweak the ways we carry out this opportunity.  We also shared a highlight of the week and there were many different things mentioned.  We have been blessed by the Lord for this time and place.

Eight folks leave on a flight at 8:45am tomorrow morning.  They will spend a night in Frankfurt due to the earlier cancellation and rebooking of a Monday flight.  They'll return to the states on Monday.  Two others will leave Monday and the last two of us will leave on Wednesday.

I will spend time tomorrow with the twins we help sponsor starting at Jesus Savior Baptist Church in the morning.  We will probably do some site-seeing after lunch somewhere.

I am blessed... but a little tired too.

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