Monday, October 3, 2011

Sharing A Letter to Shara...

Dear Shara,
I have to tell you something funny!!!
Do you remember when the following happened during one of our first meetings - before you had our family's name?
We were driving somewhere and other family members were with us.
You said to me something like this
"So Ms. Linda, I hear you like to shop at thrift stores!"
"Yes, I do as a matter of fact!"
"Well, I bet I'm a better thrift store shopper than you!"
Do you remember what happened at that point following your audacious boast?

A chorus rose from all who knew me a little better - like my children - and this is what they said:
"Oh no, Shara.  My mother is the QUEEN of thrift store shopping!"
And from there we swapped thrift store shopping stories until I proved the truth of my children's exclamation.

But now I have another story to tell.

Andy, Jill and Linda
I worked at Laity Lodge this past weekend during the Writer's retreat.  There were a number of workshops offered to the attendees.  One of those was "Song Writing" with Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips as the professional facilitators.

Well, I hadn't for even a second thought about joining that group but your friend, Cameron, was there.  I think she got confused and thought that because you and I have the same last name that I must have some of the same talent as you so she said to me
"Hey, are you coming to the song writing class with me?"
I pretty much laughed and babbled something about that not being my gift but she seemed undeterred by my disclaimers.  And with a momentary thought that since I did have one line which for years I've tried to put with some other lines in order to compose something - story, poem... but never thinking "song", I decided to allow her tenacious encouragement, prodding, ill informed lure me to the group. 

Now here's the thing which surprised and amazed me...

The group got really nervous when they heard I was coming to the class!!!  And that could only have been reality because of you.

I might be the Queen of thrift store shopping, but
Sound Check at Lincoln Center before the MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND American Song Writers Series Concert.
"you're the Queen of song writing!!!" 
So the class took me in, nerves were calmed and I was treated with encouraging grace.

Just wanted you to know about the fun I had because we share the same last name - each of us proudly bearing the name which a man of honor gave us as we chose to spend our lives with him. Thanks for joining our family and "taking us all up a notch" in the process!!!

Special guys on tour with wife and Mama in Holland, MI
So proud of your gifted work.  Praying for your new record as it's released October 18, 2011!

Someone at the retreat told me he already has it ordered!!!

Thanks also for loving my second born and for giving me that sweet little fellow who also shares our name!!! 

Love, Mom / Grandma Lee

Note:  Shara likes the letter and approved of it being shared here.

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