Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gratitude Sharing...

It  is rather rare to have a comment left on my blog.  Perhaps that's because my blogs are rather rare.  It's not that I don't have thoughts, ideas, memories and stories to share.  But for some reason, other things take my time and energy each day and my blog remains my neglected friend.

There is hope that change may happen soon, however.  If that happens it will be because new computers have arrived at our home.  I am now using a new laptop - my first!  And the increased speed and convenience is amazing.  A new desktop is also about to make an appearance and I can hardly wait.  Our old computer is 10 years old and VERY slow.  Perhaps new computers with faster service will assist my slowing body and brain to produce more blogging.  We'll see....
5 Groves' kids in the farm kitchen - Fall/Winter 1950

Back to the subject of comments, however.  I opened my blog today and found that sweet treat that causes a warm smile to creep into my otherwise usual expression.  Someone had left a comment a week ago.  How regretful that I hadn't been back to my blog sooner to notice and read it.

And the reader who left the comment, is not just anyone.  No, the person who left this comment is someone I have known since the day she was born.  I'm holding her in this early photo.  I suspect it is around Christmas time as she was born in early October.  I had just turned six years old and was not yet in school.  I had missed the December 1st cut for first grade as my birthday is on the seventh of the month.  Cross Ridge School did not have kindergarten. 

5 Groves' kids in the farm living room - Spring 1951

I was very happy to have a baby sister and remember often helping with her care.  Our friendship grew from that point on.

We have never lived geographically close to each other as adults, but that has not prevented us from connecting in mutually supportive ways through occasional visits and more frequent calls and emails.

I share here part of the comment left by my baby sister a few days ago:
"One of God's greatest gifts to me is (physically) in Kerrville, TX....but always 'in my heart'.
YOU, dear sister, I am so grateful for. God continually touches my life with His love, support, & encouragement...uniquely packaged in YOU. And that brings me much joy! You welcomed & embraced me at the beginning of my life and continually allow God to use you in my life.
"it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose." Phi. 2:13
"I thank my God every time I remember YOU."
My sister uses words of affirmation to express her love and in the process she brings rich blessings to me.  Her thoughtful sharing provides me with much appreciated encouragement.  Though I don't feel worthy of her confidence, I am thankful for her sincere friendship.  

It is really I who am grateful for a sister who steadfastly shares her life with me.  She is an excellent listener and prayer warrior.  We have strengthened each other as we've shared personal and family needs.  Knowing that she is praying provides a tangible measure of hope for whatever might be a concern of mine.  And to rejoice in answered prayer has been especially sweet.

Gratitude sharing continues...
4.  a sister whose heartbeat is a perfect match for mine
Mom and me in 1945
Mom and Margelyn in 1951

5.  Norwegian heritage from Mom - wearing sweaters made in Norway
6.  Spending time with Mom and being grateful that she still remembers us and her Lord...  2008
7.  Celebrating Marge's 60th birthday with a surprise visit in order to attend a Lori Line concert together... 2010

8.  A surprise visit from Marge which was her Christmas gift from her husband...2011

9.  Enjoying a Laity Lodge Women's retreat with Jeannette Clift George... Priceless... 2011

10.  Sharing the view of the H.E.Butt Foundation Camps from the Wayside Park... 2011

11.  Visiting a niece in Houston and visiting beautiful gardens... 2011

11.  Enjoying RATHER SWEET in Fredericksburg, TX with my sweet sister... 2011
Expressing gratitude as memories flow is providing a steady pulse of God's great gift of faith and family.  I am blessed.  Thanks, Marge, for being my sister and my friend.

Note:  To follow Ann Voskamp and others who have joined The Joy Dare, check out her amazing blog.   Or find Ann's book, 1000 Gifts, to read and learn all about her discovery of the true path to joy.

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Theresa Ross said...

I know we are not supposed to be envious (covetous?) but you and your sister are so fortunate. I always wished that I had been fortunate enough to have a sister or two or three...! How wonderful that you have such a beautiful friendship and are able to get together from time to time.