Friday, March 23, 2012

Brive-La-Gaillarde, France

Buying lunch....
So many cheese choices...
Cozzie awakened coughing during the night several times.  I gave him milk in his sippy cup about 2am which he drank and he continued coughing until he went back to sleep at 3am.  He awakened again about 6:30 to cough for awhile and then slept until 8:30.  We took our time getting dressed thinking we had until noon before leaving for the next venue.  James knocked on the door about 8:45am to say we were heading out at 9am.  Seems there had been a change in venue late in the pre-planning which hadn’t been noted so we all had to scramble to get into the van.  Quick breakfast in the hotel and then off we went.  Drive today was 5.5 hours including an hour long lunch at an outdoor market adjacent to some picnic tables and playground items. 
Arrived about 3pm at the venue which is a lovely place with nice dressing rooms.  Cozzie was given his own room so that he could nap well as he hadn’t slept in the van but for about 30 minutes in the morning.  He slept until 6:30pm.
Sound check was over and we all headed off on foot for dinner across the street with a festival planner.  He spoke enough English to help us understand the menu. 
Following the meal, Cozzie and I were taken to the hotel which James who helped us get settled in. 
I don’t need many amenities tonight because I plan to sleep very soon.  Will head off at 9am tomorrow for another 5-6 hour drive. 
The guys chose from these for a sandwich they loved...
Having fun with Mama....

Was very beautiful along the way today as it was a warm, sunshiny day with some higher hills and deeper valleys.  I spent most of my time entertaining my little fellow so didn’t snap photos as we drove. 
We are all feeling that our health is compromised – probably whatever Cozzie has – and behind on sleep also.  So I’m heading to my bed as Cozzie already is in his.  The other 3 will be in late.
Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend in Europe.  We do not have a gig on Sunday for which we are all grateful.
The tour is going very well.  The venues are providing lots of great support which Shara says surpasses most places where she performs in the states.  She and Brian, the drummer, say that last night’s concert was one of the best she/they feel they have ever had.  The crowd was enthusiastic – started dancing on the upbeat songs but were quiet when that was warranted.  Shara thinks it’s one of her best shows ever. 
Time to shutter the day and crawl into bed.

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