Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Paris to Strasbourg, France...

Having coffee before loading the van to leave Paris
 Cozzie and I were up about 8 am but the others slept until nearly time for the 11 am check out from our hotel.

We were going to have breakfast at the corner cafe beside our hotel but they stopped serving that at 11am and didn't start lunch for another 15 minutes.  Three had coffee and I had hot chocolate. 

Mama took Cozzie to play in the park, I guarded personal items while James and Brian headed out to get the van.
From the cafe we viewed the flowers at the corner store across the street from us so I took a few more photos...
Miniature roses mixed with the tulips...

Spring, Easter-time and tulips - such beauty!
With breakfast croissants for the car, we headed out of Paris about noon.  We were facing a 5.5 hour drive.

Cozzie was very ready for a nap so he fell asleep immediately.  But it only lasted about an hour and he would not fall asleep again until 8:30 pm this evening in our room.  I'm hoping for at least a 12 hour night for him.

Our drive was routine.  James and Brian shared the driving as usual.  We napped, read, entertained Cozzie and enjoyed the countryside - again lush fields being planted.

I learned that Shara, Brian and James all thought the concert last night had gone very well.  The four string players were thrilled to share the stage as back-up for Shara.  Introducing a new singer and singing one of her songs also went well Shara thought.  Shara felt weak but it didn't seem to affect her show.

 There was hope that the Wright family in TX would be able to Skype with Shara for her Grandfather's memorial service at 11am TX time.  We arrived in Strasbourg at 5:45 pm - 15 minutes before the service was to begin.  She got to her hotel room and was on Skype but did not receive a call.  Hopefully by now she has heard some communication from her family about how the day has gone for all of them.

James is now in the beginning stages of the stomach bug 3 of us have come through.  He was able to go on a walk from the hotel with me and Cozzie before we put baby to bed.  We are within walking distance of the center of the city so we rambled some cobblestone streets through the area where my honey and I did a quarter abroad program while he was in seminary in 1970.  Wish he were here.  It looks very different to me.  I forgot to take my camera but it was twilight anyway.  Hopefully I'll get back there tomorrow.

We'll be in Strasbourg another night but at a different hotel.

Time for me to join the sleeping crew.  Thanks for your continued prayers for our health.  We are grateful again that James is not feeling well at a time when there wasn't a show tonight and there's no long drive tomorrow.  Hopefully he will get some rest during the night.

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Marge B. said...

Loving your pictures. The display of various colored tulips and miniture roses is beautiful---just what I would picture outside a store in Paris. I'm wondering if they're grown locally and how much they sell for. I would be tempted to buy a bunch.

Oh dear....I guess it's not surprising that the 'bug' has found Jamie. Your right about 'good timing' if you can say any time is good. Brian take cover!!

Hoping the lodging accomodations are more spacious tonight. How's your back holding out?

Sleep well & looong tonight.