Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mont St. Michel; & Brest, France...

Time for some update from France. 

Have a few things less than perfect to report which started about midnight last night.  My little buddy was experiencing the full effect of a bad cold which had been coming on.  He was really congested so cried, making it worse but eventually was able to sleep most of the night.  It helped greatly to have Mama and Papa get home to hold and comfort him for awhile.  His nose is running lots today but he's still pretty chipper.

The other less than perfect aspect was some difficulty in finding diesel fuel at a station that would accept cash.  Many gas stations take only credit cards which are made for Europe so we don't have those and they don't have a person to take cash.  We actually had to turn around at one point and return to a town where we finally located what was needed.  Gas stations don't seem to be located along the highways but more commonly somewhere inside the city limits.

But otherwise we've had a great day.  It is already midnight here and I am about ready to head to bed.  Hopefully my little fellow will sleep all night.  We are in a comfortable hotel in a room adjacent to his parents who aren't back yet.  Good wifi here so will keep updating as long as the rooms have access for my internet.
Happy boy when someone will play ball with him.

Starting packing the van as a lovely brunch was prepared where we were staying.

Mama looks on as the game continues...

James comes to Shannon's lovely table with work in hand...

Brunch was over quickly for this fellow so we explored the backyard.

Grandma Lee always has a camera in her hands.
Time for some more play on the school playground across the street.

No school on Wednesday's for elementary children we learned.

Not sure what this means but the mural is lovely for the school playground.
Began our drive to Brest, France and passed very close to the famous Abbey at Mont St. Michel so we drove quickly to it for some photos and admiring its magnificence.
Mont St. Michel - built in the 14th century

Someone would rather be running around than getting a picture taken...

Happy to be sharing this tour with this family.
Will need to return to spend more time here someday...

Will have to read more about the history of this Abbey.
Was afraid I wouldn't have enough photos that turned out so I kept taking them.
Want my friends to enjoy this awesome scene....
What more is there to say?
 Made it across western France to Brest at almost the very furthest edge of the country - passed lots of dairy farms with Holsteins in their pastures.  The area - Brittany - is known for its cheeses and yogurts.  We had some and it was all delicious.
Arrived at the venue.  Can you read backwards?  We're inside.
Entertaining this fellow is pretty easy if there's something to crawl or climb on.

Joining the band for dinner at the hotel where we're staying.  Cozzie had a nap and was ready to enjoy his Mama's mussels and a bit of my roast duck, his Papa's steak and Brian's ham.  French fries were his favorite!                    


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