Saturday, March 17, 2012

Traveling to Europe...

 I have begun quite an adventure.

With hubby and daughter, I left home at 3am for the airport in San Antonio, TX.  With only 4 hours of sleep, I was still pretty tired as I checked in.  Had to rearrange some packing as one bag was 5lbs overweight and I couldn't squeak through.  Left a couple items with John and Sarah and moved other things to my bulging carry-on.

One hour flight to DFW - I slept the whole way.

Next flight was boarding as I got to the gate for the plane headed to Boston which is where I am now with a nice 8 hours to relax, have lunch, email, blog and read.  Slept on that flight also.

I will leave here about 8:15pm and arrive at London Hearthrow about 7am (their time).  Then I'll get my bags and check in on British Airways for a flight to Prague.  Son James will meet me there where the van that will be used for the tour will be delivered.  And we'll head off on a 12 hour drive to Paris.  That's where we'll pick up MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND, my little buddy, Cozzie and the drummer for the band.

I realize this isn't exactly gripping story telling but wanted to get started posting as my trip begins.  Plus I have Wifi here and am not sure when I'll be able to post again.

You might think I'm on a goofy itinerary but that's what happens when a person is determined to use a minimum of frequent flyer miles for a trip - leave very early and have some long layovers in  airports.  It's fine with me.  I enjoy travel and am able to relax when there's ample time between flights for just watching, thinking, eating and writing.

Will keep sharing the trip as I'm able to have internet service and time.

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