Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vendôme, France...

Fountain outside the venue for Friday night's concert
 We have arrived in Vendome after a 5 hr. drive.  Cozzie is taking a nap at our hotel so I'm able to get this blog started.

The first photo is not very interesting but I clicked it on our way to dinner last evening.  It is a fountain in front of the gorgeous concert hall where the gig was last night.
Our Friday night hotel with our van parked out front as we loaded this morning.

Cozzie and I were on the 3rd floor with no elevator service.  And of course we have way too much with us for the trip.

Good breakfast in the restaurant there this morning.
Lovely market adjacent to the hotel which we quickly stolled through this morning.

Long drive meant somebody got pretty tired of being strapped in so we're out to run around.
What's going on with Tony Parker that makes the front page news in his home country of France?

One of Cozzie's really clear words is "clock" and sure enough he had spied one while out walking today.

Lots of shops in this PLACE ST MARTIN so we took some time while we got ready for a nap.

Seems restoration is happening at this site.

Gothic Cathedral is being restored.
So that's about it for today - load up by 9am,  drive for 5+ hours, unload, do sound check, take a nap if you're 20 months old, do a TV interview or something similar if you're the main attraction, have dinner at 7pm and the show at 10:10pm.  Life on tour.  I'm enjoying it as I see some of France I've not seen before and best of all, get to hang out with a dear family.

The news did come about 11:30am today that Shara's grandfather passed away today.  Pray for her at this time as well as the rest of us who are still battling bad colds.  Cozzie and I slept well last night but noses are still dripping continually.

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