Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vendome, Paris, Amiens, France...

I am sorry to disappoint you if you have been checking my blog daily and finding an update with photos.  Here's a quick note about what's happening here.

We had a wonderful day off today as we slept in, strolled around Vendome, drove through Paris with a stop at the Eiffel Tower on our way to Amiens for the gig tomorrow night.  Just after getting into our hotel room, Cozzie started throwing up.  We've been through 3 changes of clothes and sheets.  Mama will spend the night with me and Cozzie in case there's further need to tend to him.  Pray for baby and Mama. They are asleep and I will be soon.

This must be what I had a couple days ago that I thought was "too much rich food".  He hardly ate all day today and now we know why.  He does not have a fever.

We are grateful for:
  1. this happening on a day off
  2. happening after our long drive
  3. enough people to handle the clean up and care of him
  4. a clean room for the night

Thanks for your prayers.  We're sleeping for the next 8 hrs hopefully.  Photos and more story to come tomorrow hopefully.

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