Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Checking Out a Supermarket in Nice, France...

A view of the huge fresh fish department at Carremore supermarket
A bit cool and drizzly today so we played inside all morning.  During naptime, I headed off by myself to explore the local grocery store where I will be shopping while we're in Nice, France.  It was a great time to check things out because James and Shara were working in the hotel suite and Cozzie was napping. 

The market is huge and I took a few photos inside.  I didn't photograph the aisles and aisles of the usual canned goods etc.  Lots of people shopping there but I found all I needed.  We'll be fine while we're on our own.
This is only a fraction of the total fish section at this store.  Lots of people buying fish.  Perhaps because it's the last week before Easter and many people here probably don't eat meat during Lent.
Noticed Norwegian flags so am assuming these fish were imported from there..
Produce area....

This is about 1/4th of the yogurt area...  Some delicious options...

Luscious looking cakes...
Breads - all kinds of options...

Cheese - found in multiple spots throughout the store...
 After the grocery store and lunch, I headed back to the playground with Cozzie.

Somebody sees another little boy with a cool thing to ride and wonders about how to approach him.

Doesn't take too long to get closer but the other little boy doesn't offer to share his "ride".
But just in time, Papa arrives to play with the little boy who couldn't be happier.
And Cozzie decides to try climbing a rope web which is a first.  Papa gives lots of important encouragement!!!

Papa is so happy and proud of his little climber who would make it all the way to the top with only a smidge of help near the very top.  Happy father and son!!!
Time now to think about supper.  We are really happy that our suite has a furnished kitchen area.  Staying in to eat is really great much of the time.  I'm working in the lobby where I have free wifi so better sign off and head back to the room.  Cozzie should be awake.

We had workers using electric drills somewhere in the building today and that was scary for Coz so he hasn't napped too well.  Hopefully the work is finished as of today.  It sounded as though they were just outside our walls.

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