Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrapping up in Moldova...

In just a few hours the last 2 of us will be driven to the airport to start our trek home.  I expect to sleep almost the whole way as I'm a bit behind on slumber.

The last day has gone well.  It included:
  1. packing,
  2. breakfast, 
  3. touring the CERI offices, 
  4. chatting with  CERI's director, Connie, in order to debrief our time here 
  5. learn more about the many ways in which CERI is involved with needy children and families 
  6. meet 2 sponsored girls for lunch
  7. join the sponsored boys to watch ICE AGE 4 - 3D
  8. shop with my girls for personal items
  9. more packing
  10. going to possible apartment for one girl
  11. Saying "Good-bye" to the girls - some tears
  12. Last Lilia delicious supper
  13. Packing
  14. Chatting with Connie again
Now I'm about to conclude this last blog in Moldova, get some sleep and head to the airport.

What a privilege that God has allowed me to be here this week.  I praise him for the strength he supplied and the people with whom he had me spend time.  Leaving here is not so difficult when I know that God's presence remains and his words will bear fruit.

They say the temperature reached 100 degrees but I was at the Mall during the hottest hours and that is air conditioned - oh my but I'm spoiled.

Revelation 7: 9-12
9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. 10 And they cried out in a loud voice:
“Salvation belongs to our God,
who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb.”
11 All the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures. They fell down on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, 12 saying:
Praise and glory
and wisdom and thanks and honor
and power and strength
be to our God for ever and ever.
Won't it be wonderful to join people from every nation when we are welcomed into God's throne room? 

Enjoy my day in photos... 

Visiting the CERI offices...
Training area...

Framed photo of a past team from Trinity Baptist in Kerrville remains just inside the front door where smiling faces greet everyone...
Ice Age 4 in Russian with these 2 sweethearts...  Enjoyed them and the pop corn - mostly missed the plot...

Got to know this sparkplug this year in a greater way...  She's full of energy and fun

This gal is very kind and helpful.  She's always willing to assist without being asked. 

An apartment through these windows may soon be home to a couple of these gals...
Nice living room...
Traditional rugs on the wall and couch... 
With the help of God, sponsors and CERI, there's hope for these nearly adult young men...

First Family of the Team House - Sergio & Connie Belciug and baby girl...
So I type my last line with joy in my heart.  It isn't easy to make these trips but it is so worth it.  I am so grateful that a church in TX has decided to support and encourage and participate in these trips, that CERI has a strong presence in Moldova to welcome and provide the ground team that's necessary and that the Lord has trusted a team of 10 to make him known among "some of the least of these" in another nation. 

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