Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Registered to Vote?

Fall (Nov. 2009) on the Frio River in the canyon of the Foundations for Laity Renewal...
It's Fall... Be Prepared to Vote...
If you live in Texas, the last day to register in order to vote on November 6th is October 9th.  Both my husband and I have taken the training, been sworn in and have the materials needed to register anyone in this state.  Let me know if you need to register before the deadline and I can help you.

You must vote in the precinct in which you live.  You cannot show up at another polling place and get permission to vote there.  You cannot go to your former place of residence and vote there.

We have materials to register a change of address if you have moved since you last voted.

The system is designed to allow all eligible voters to have a voice but you must be registered in a timely manner in order to exercise this awesome privilege.

All citizens who prepare and vote have a voice in the future of our country.  This is freedom in action.  It is a responsibility and privilege not to be taken lightly.

See you at the polls!!! 

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Marcus Goodyear said...

That is an INCREDIBLE picture, Linda!