Friday, January 25, 2013

NYC in January...3rd Day...

Another cold day in NYC and now snow is gently falling.  But it's been a good day because Constantine and I have had lots of time together - a Grandmother's fondest memory making moments created while sharing the normal activities of a day. 

It was felt that Cozzie's rash on his cheek was getting worse so James made a 1pm appointment to see a Dr.  She checked his lungs, ears and throat and determined that he had much congestion but that  those parts of his anatomy were clear.  His rash is probably impetigo from wiping mucous from his nose with the back of his hand which has opened up little areas which have allowed bacteria to get in.  She prescribed an antibiotic cream to apply 3x a day.  He isn't fond of this as he says it stings.  But hopefully it will clear the problem and keep it from spreading further.  He was very good while being examined but he wanted the safety of Papa's lap for the experience.  He especially enjoyed the play area in the waiting room but we had hardly any wait time which met with quite some disappointment when it was time to walk out the door and leave behind many unexplored items.  I had my camera but had forgotten to return the batteries to the camera after I'd recharged them overnight.  Sorry.

It was naptime when we returned to the apartment and that lasted for 3 hours.  Mama had left earlier and Papa left after getting us settled back in the apartment.

Will share the rest of our day with a few photos.
Naptime ends gently today.  The sleep sack is great for warmth and prevention of climbing out of Pack ' Play.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NYC in January... 2nd Day...

It's still really cold here but we all ventured out for awhile today.  Son and Daughter-in-law had work outings but late in the day there was time for a short outing to Bay Ridge in Brooklyn to visit some dear friends Irom a couple doors away who still live in the same home as when we lived there for 4 years in the late 70's.

Since it's already close to midnight, I'll just add some photos to show the day we've had together in Brooklyn, NY.
Started the day writing and...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NYC in January...

I arrived in NYC last evening in order to provide support to my son and his wife with their child - my sweet 2 1/2 year old grandson - while his parents are very busy with work opportunities.  As I type, My Brightest Diamond is performing at The Bowery Ballroom.

We haven't been outside today for play as Cozzie has a very bad cold, it's quite nippy out there and there's no snow or ice to play in so not very welcoming outside the apartment where we're staying.

We've spent the day reading, playing, watching some Thomas the Tank Engine and Jay Jay the Jet Plane online videos and washing dishes.  He was somewhat familiar with Thomas but not Jay Jay.  

Will share some photos which help tell the story of the day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas at Cross Ridge School...

During the recent holidays, I was asked to share a personal Christmas  tradition or memory with a group gathered for a dinner of fellowship and fun.  When asked, I hesitated only momentarily before I agreed to accept the assignment.  I knew of a memory I had been wanting to write about and this would provide the perfect time and place to share.  
With that story composed, I share it here as well.
Cross Ridge School as it looks now - not much different that it looked in the 1950's when I attended grades 1-8.
My elementary school days were all spent at a one-room country school named Cross Ridge School. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Prayer...

Starting 2013 with a mocha latte...
Happy New Year!

Though 2013 is already well underway, I am just getting to my computer to write my first blog post.  

2013 tree with Norwegian flags...
I am not good at multi-tasking.  I like to take a task at a time and complete it before I give attention to something else.  Now that luxury doesn't always fit my schedule or life, but that's how 2013 has begun.  I have undone the Christmas decorations.    I responded to numerous emails.  I sent a late Christmas package; sent a birthday package for a granddaughter's January birthdayGave attention to church committee work - scheduled, led meetings.  Plus the usual things which require attention in a home.

And now I want to share something which has brought me joy as I've spent moments in God's word.