Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Prayer...

Starting 2013 with a mocha latte...
Happy New Year!

Though 2013 is already well underway, I am just getting to my computer to write my first blog post.  

2013 tree with Norwegian flags...
I am not good at multi-tasking.  I like to take a task at a time and complete it before I give attention to something else.  Now that luxury doesn't always fit my schedule or life, but that's how 2013 has begun.  I have undone the Christmas decorations.    I responded to numerous emails.  I sent a late Christmas package; sent a birthday package for a granddaughter's January birthdayGave attention to church committee work - scheduled, led meetings.  Plus the usual things which require attention in a home.

And now I want to share something which has brought me joy as I've spent moments in God's word.  

Our daughter's Nativity set which graces a table beside the rocker where I often read my Bible...
A confession first, however.  I tried in 2012 to read through the whole Bible chronologically.  It was a great experience and very meaningful for me.  I made wonderful progress until the middle of December and the middle of the New Testament.  Life's busyness took over and the year ended before my reading of the New Testament ended.  I decided not to fret about it.

So for 2013, I decided I would continue until I had completed the whole Bible but do my reading at whatever pace seemed appropriate for my day.  I picked up in Colossians.  I have spent a week or more on chapter one.  There have been things popping off the page from that chapter. 

What I share today is verse 9.  
"For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding."
 This verse spoke very specifically to me.  My first thought was of my children.  I thought of "the first day I heard about each of them".  I was always thrilled when I found out I was pregnant.  I did not know gender in those days but I began praying for each child before birth.  I wish I had found this verse about 42 years ago and I would have prayed this specific verse for I'm certain my husband and I always had in mind that we wanted each of our children to "be filled with the knowledge of his will".  That prayer is being fulfilled.

Now this verse applies to many others. 
 "From the first day that we heard about you we did not stop praying for you..." 
 I want to be a faithful prayer warrior - for my  

  • children, 
  • grandchildren, 
  • extended family, 
  • neighbors, 
  • sponsored children in Moldova, 
  • friends...
This will be my 2013 prayer -

"that God will fill each one with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding." 

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