Friday, January 25, 2013

NYC in January...3rd Day...

Another cold day in NYC and now snow is gently falling.  But it's been a good day because Constantine and I have had lots of time together - a Grandmother's fondest memory making moments created while sharing the normal activities of a day. 

It was felt that Cozzie's rash on his cheek was getting worse so James made a 1pm appointment to see a Dr.  She checked his lungs, ears and throat and determined that he had much congestion but that  those parts of his anatomy were clear.  His rash is probably impetigo from wiping mucous from his nose with the back of his hand which has opened up little areas which have allowed bacteria to get in.  She prescribed an antibiotic cream to apply 3x a day.  He isn't fond of this as he says it stings.  But hopefully it will clear the problem and keep it from spreading further.  He was very good while being examined but he wanted the safety of Papa's lap for the experience.  He especially enjoyed the play area in the waiting room but we had hardly any wait time which met with quite some disappointment when it was time to walk out the door and leave behind many unexplored items.  I had my camera but had forgotten to return the batteries to the camera after I'd recharged them overnight.  Sorry.

It was naptime when we returned to the apartment and that lasted for 3 hours.  Mama had left earlier and Papa left after getting us settled back in the apartment.

Will share the rest of our day with a few photos.
Naptime ends gently today.  The sleep sack is great for warmth and prevention of climbing out of Pack ' Play.

This favorite stuffed animal is so important that Cozzie's parents have invested in a couple of "spares" lest one is lost or wears out.  They have names but one is by far the most special and shows signs of being very well loved.  That one is the "pillow" for bedtime, diaper change time and whenever there's a comfort need.  The names are "Doggie", "More Doggie" and "New Doggie".  "More Doggie" is the top doggie.  We had a chat as Cozzie woke from his nap today and you can give a listen here if you'd like. 

 When it's really cold outside, one can find a few things to do inside after other activities have become lackluster.  So we have a little boy who has discovered he can get behind the heavy curtains and "hide".  Fun and creative and harmless. 
Getting ready for Mama to start her part.
Mama, My Brightest Diamond, performed tonight for a radio station here which was streamed live from the studio where it was held.  I was able to get it on my computer and Cozzie was quite engaged as he watched and listened to his Mama.
Cozzie loved seeing Mama on the computer.

The performance is very engaging and fun for everyone.
But there's a limit to how long a little boy will watch a concert so his next project was to put together tracks for his train.  And he had special help for that task.
"More Doggie" was the silent partner in this activity.

Cozzie entertains himself and "More Doggie" very well.
Tomorrow I will return to TX.  What a privilege to share the lives of my son and his family.  They have appreciated my presence and I have been grateful to serve for a few days as Nanny for a dear grandson.  I see this as a way to fulfill the verse I selected as a purpose for this blog.

My Hope and Prayer...

Psalm 71: 17-18
Since my youth, O God, you have taught me,
and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.
Even when I am old and gray,
do not forsake me, O God,
till I declare your power to the next generation,
your might to all who are to come.
Though a 2 year old will not likely have any memory of my time with him this week, our time together will have added to a foundation started over 2 years ago upon which is built times and ways in which to "declare your power to the next generation."  May all my grandchildren for as many generations as come, be people who will embrace personally the gift of salvation and live lives to serve the Lord as long as they live.  And may they know that Grandma Lee loved and prayed for them plus lived desiring to be worthy of their love and emulation.  May it be so.

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Marge B. said...

Oh you think Cozzie's got enough doggies surrounding him? He must find them very comforting. Do they all have to travel along with him?