Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Detroit in March 2013 #1...

Our son and his wife are traveling to Singapore on business and I get to be in Detroit to care for their 32 month old son.  I arrived yesterday in the early evening and was able to get our week together off to a good start.  We had to get up early in order to take Papa and Mama to the airport by 7:00AM.  Traffic was heavy but a way around an accident scene allowed us to get there in time.  Cozzie really wanted to go on the trip also but didn't fuss very much and hasn't mentioned his parents all day since we got back to the house.  In the car he said he was sad because of his family which I'm quite sure meant he was sad because they aren't all together for the next week.  It may be sadder for Papa and Mama in many ways without him but I'm sure the week will whiz by for all of us.

We came right back home and spent the morning being occupied with playing with toys and getting settled.  Getting a fire started in the wood burning stove which provides much of the heat for the kitchen and living room, proved more of a challenge than I care to admit but by mid afternoon I had it conquered and warmth was welcome. 

I arrived to no snow or ice anywhere but awoke to everything white with snow continuing to lightly dust everything until the temperature warmed this afternoon and the snow is gone again.

It has been a good day.  We've had a couple calls from Papa as they changed planes in LA before heading to Tokyo and on to Singapore.

Cozzie naps very well and slept a bit over three hours from about 12:30 - nearly 4PM.  He awoke in a very good mood and I grabbed my camera to catch a shot before leaving his bed and getting a short video clip as he talks about his hockey jersey and other hockey stuff. 
Just waking up from a 3+ hrs nap and he wanted More Doggie in the photo also.

And after naptime, we headed to the kitchen for a snack and Play Doh time.
He loved wearing his Detroit Red Wings jersey and hat almost all day.
The red spot on his cheek is the fading patch of the rash he had in January. 
Quite a favorite activity of his...

A neighbor boy came by as is his custom and played Play Doh, trains and read some books. 
And before bedtime this evening, there was another drumming session which I captured. 
 Better get headed to bed so that I will be able to keep up with this fellow again tomorrow.

I'm blessed to see the children of my children.  Thank you Lord.

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Marge B. said...

Hi Lee,
Glad to hear you arrived in Detroit safely & were able to get J&S to the airport in time, despite the accident detour.
Such fun watching the videos you included! Cozzie certainly is talking so much more. Of course on demand, he wasn't wanting to freely come up with the words that I'm sure he'd been jabbering to you about. You'll have to tell him about Jonathan & Christopher playing hockey in school. Are they planning to get him involved with a Mite's team (or whatever the youngest level is called)when he's old enough?
Wow.....I loved the drum performance! Does everyone wear ear protectors when he practices & performs?
We got about 2 inches of snow this morning. It's supposed to get down to the teens tonight, with more snow in the forecast. (Grrr) Bob's in St.Louis. He left yesterday afternoon. It's supposed to reach 70 degrees down there tomorrow, I guess. Oh well...the local apple growers are happy with all of the moisture & the typical winter weather. Last year it warmed up too early in the year, so the apples weren't as plentiful last season.
Thanks for sharing your day & including pictures/videos.