Friday, March 15, 2013

Detroit in March 2013... #3

Our day started about 8 AM so each of us had had a very good rest.
I brought with me a new book for Constantine.  It is a beautiful pop-up book with 3-D scenes depicting Christmas traditions.  For each scene, the book has 2 songs that can be played.  This book has been a big hit and Cozzie wants it as his last book before bedtime and his first book of the day.  He started his day sprawled on the floor in the kitchen to listen and look at that book.
Listening and gazing at the delightful Christmas scenes of a new book.

His favorite scene is the baby in the manger with Mary and Joseph beside him. 
While Cozzie was occupied and oat meal was cooking, I got the fire started.
Having this fire going all day long adds the warmth needed in this hundred year old house. 
We went for a walk after a nap even though it was misty and cold.  Had to stop to pet a kitty.
Interesting front porch art across the street - no idea of the reason.
Great friends whose mother is a close friend of Cozzie's Mama and has been since high school days.
Pretty yucky weather but not too bad for boys who love shooting hoops and playing in the mud.
These older boys are really sweet with the little friend who prays for them every day and adores them.
Across the street is one of the community garden areas.  It will become lovely and productive as winter turns to spring.
View from the garden of our son's home beside a former store.
View up the street.

Homes being restored...
 Our walk and play time outside was fun for Cozzie.  He is well known by all the folks on the block so they were happy to see him.  He spoke to everyone he saw. 
"Hi. What's your name?"
"How are you doing?"
"What are you doing?"

"Where are you going?"
And if anyone was a distance away, he yelled loudly with the above questions.  I was quite surprised at his out going personality and boldness.  He was certainly winsome with his approach.

He has "new" shoes which I brought with me from his Richmond cousins.  They are sneakers that have characters from CARS on them.  I don't know that he knows those characters or the movie and neither do I, but he knows cars and trucks so he loved these shoes the minute he saw them.  He was sticking out his foot showing everyone his new running shoes and demonstrating how fast he could run in them.  I have some amount of difficulty getting those shoes off at pajama time.  They have parts that light up when you walk in them and he calls that "winking" so he made sure everyone on our walk knew that his shoes were "winking."

"I have to read a magazine."  It's a brochure for the Foundations For Laity Renewal 2013 programs.  Note the shoes.
So another day about to finish in Detroit.  Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny so we can be outside more than we were today but if not, we'll still have lots more books to read and lots more playing to do.

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Marge B. said...

I'm in the midst of several 12 hr shifts & it's been very busy. After a very long day yesterday, I was faced with a van that wouldn't start when I got in to go home. (long story...but God abundantly provided me with wonderful-capable people to assist me) Bob's in St.Louis.
But.....anyway, I've been enjoying the accounts of your days together with Cozzie.
Enjoying the pictures.....allows me to 'picture' where they're living.
Thanks for sharing.
Love, Marge